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    Sep 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Djerms View Post

    From what mag did you get that comparo?

    4X4 magazine UK, Oct. issue
    Coverpage shows 2007 4x4 of the year, includes hardcore 4x4,
    softroader, family, compact, etc. I can scan them & post
    kung di bawal, needs mods comments.

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    May 2006
    Brusko ang dating nung Nissan, at mukhang ok ang interior. Mas swabe naman yung Mitsubishi.

    Sinilip ko yung Strada kailan lang, puro hard plastic yung loob tapos maliit yung bed. Medyo lamang ito kasi bago. :D
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    Oct 2002
    Sa comparo kasi 2.5L ang displacement ng Hi-lux. Baka kaya it was described as an overweight Jogger.

    It should be 3.0L with 160++Bhp in Philippine setting.

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    Oct 2005
    actually that Nissan Navarra aka Frontier was out earlier than the Mitsubishi Triton. it has a beast of an engine. 174ps from a 2.5diesel. heck! that's just one horsepower shy of the 2.5L Nissan Xtrail gasoline!!!

    so far its the only japanese to surpass the current ASIAN diesel kings, The Koreans with their Kia Sedona/Sorento 2.5 CRDi VGT 170ps.

    btw Djerms, i meant the current one. its still a good performer and a practical workhorse.

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    Oct 2002
    Ok lang naman mag-post ng scans dito from's perspective.
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    Jun 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by boosted View Post
    driven all three (though the hilux was a 3.0) and the results would vary on what kinda test you're talking about but if it's for a best value for money/ best all around package then here are my results:

    1. STRADA - if you consider the features loaded and the price it's being offered then this is a no brainer (the 4x4 hilux and dmax cost over 100k more!?!). The 140hp on paper is evident on its actual driving characteristics. Important factors are the spacious cabin and the comfortable ride.
    2. Hilux - Acceleration is stronger than the rest (for the 3.0 variant), though i was closely tailing this in the strada at close to 150kph. Ride is horrible and interior is way to plain. Don't know if they put abs already - for the price i think this pick up should come fully loaded.
    3. Dmax - rides a little better than the hilux but is far behind the strada in terms of ride comfort. interior space is more cramped and is more old fashioned than the toyo and mitsu.

    Another key point mentioned by a friend of mine, this new strada consumes much less fuel than the previous model- he used to spend around P1200 on his trips to the province but now the consumption is down to P850. you decide guys.

    yup matipid kc 2.5 lang ang engine.. unlike the dmax and hi lux na 3.0 but has the same consumption ng 2.5 engine... toyota and isuzu have new specs and new platforms...

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Tigerbug View Post
    4X4 magazine UK, Oct. issue
    Coverpage shows 2007 4x4 of the year, includes hardcore 4x4,
    softroader, family, compact, etc. I can scan them & post
    kung di bawal, needs mods comments.
    Okay lang magpost dito...I think. Anyway, I asked coz naghahanap ako ng mga ganyan. Kaso its from an imported mag pala..hehe medyo may kamahalan siguro.

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    Aug 2006
    before, i was choosing bet dmax and hilux..i did not consider frontier..(sorry to frontier owners)..pero nung dumating ang strada 2007..di na ako nag isip. mas mura kesa dmax and hilux (4x4 variant), mas madaming bagong features and i really like the new style. bili na po kayo hanggat mura pa. my dealer said magtataas ng price before very satisfied sa performance. very nice suspension for a pickup. tipid sa dieasel. 12km per liter highway and city driving. sulit!!

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    Oct 2002

    Hindi pa accurate ang fuel consumption mo. Break-in period ka pa kase. Gaganda pa yan. Observe it when you reach 5tkms.

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    Nov 2002
    did the hi-lux in the comparo have the 2.5l engine? malabo yata ang pic eh but i can see na parang 2494cc and 102hp.

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