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    Aug 2008
    aside sa CRV...
    ano pang model ang magandang ikumpara sa outlander ng mitsu

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    May 2005
    The Rav4 is also a candidate. It also has a 2.4 li and a CBU from Japan. Outlander wins though bec. it has more features than the Rav4 and at a lower price at that.

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    May 2008
    Subaru Forester - Hyundai Sta Fe - Chevy Captiva - to name a few.

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    how about the just released montero sport......

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    Jul 2008
    For the gasoline-fed compact SUV, aside from the Outlander and CRV, count the Grand Vitara, Extrail, Tribute, Escape, Forester, Tucson, Sportage, Captiva and the RAV4.

    In general, the CUV category is very much price-sensitive that is why sales are really affected the market positioning of the the 2.7vvti Toyota Fortuner.

    The current generation RAV4 is the most expensive of the bunch.
    The Tucson, Sportage, and Captiva earn sales mostly due to its diesel variants.
    The Forester and Grand Vitara seems to suffer from limited dealerships just like the Tribute.
    The Extrail and the Outlander are actually under-rated due to perceptions of the brand.
    That leaves the CRV as the "supposedly best buy" of the bunch.

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    Aug 2008
    ... nagiisip pa kasi kami ng mrs ko kung anong car ang magandang mabili.....

    baka by next month(1st week) kukuha na kami....

    thank you sa mga advice ninyo.....

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