ahh yes, another comparison thread for you guys to answer.

Anyways, plano namin na bumili ng SUV to replace our old revo, and we were thinking of buying the montero 4x2 GLS until nakita ko sa personal ung 7 seater Kia Sorento (not sure kung ung diesel or ung gas) and I was impressed. suddenly nag dalawang isip ako on which SUV to buy.

Suggestions are welcome, pero enough suggesting toyota Fortuner () since nahawakan ko na and I am not impressed with the ride quality unlike the montero nung tinestdrive ko last month. Also, kung magsusugest, i hope na 7 seater ito and within the 1.4-1.7 M na budget, also wag na ung top-of-the-line since ang habol namin is practicality, not for show-off purposes.

Here are my points:
PROS= mitsubishi sya, parts incase na may magyari is readily available. Looks are decieving, machong macho ang dating. 4D51 engine is superb!
CONS= madami na ang naka monty, gas guzzler DAW, maingay DAW ung makina, ugly rear (no offense guys!)

PROS= Stunning looks, (mas nagugustuhan kesa monty), New model, flashy exterior, classy interior, rare
CONS= Kia ito, some say they are unpredictable. Parts are scarce since new model palang to, parang maliit compared to the monty,

So guys, help naman!..... pwede kaung magdagdag ng mga points nyo, and I will truly appreciate kung nireview nyo ung OWN car nyo.

Thank You po, Drive safe!!!!