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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by leopaul View Post
    Oh really? Consider the IS-F, C63 AMG or a M3 (either a sedan or a coupe variant, but yes, the M3 sedan exists), I mean which one is the best? Think about it.
    well, if those are the variants you are considering, then it would be a different discussion, i think.

    i don't like to review cars i have never driven, so i can't tell you anything about the Lexus IS-F or the C63 AMG, except to tell you that the previous-gen AMG cars have plenty of power and performance, but lack the steering feel and responsiveness to driver input of a true sports car...hopefully MB has fixed that with the current version.

    the E90/92 M3, on the other hand is just a wonderful machine. the looks aren't for everyone, but the handling is simply excellent. not as razor sharp as the E30 M3, but for a heavy GT it is sublime. power is otherwordly, but looking at the specs of the AMG and IS-F, they are probably comparable in a straight line.

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    Nov 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by renzo_d10 View Post
    I dont really like the Lexus IS. Sir Tidus has a point, BMW 3 series is out quite some time now, so better yet wait for the next release. If I were to pick, I'd pick the Mercedes Benz C350 Avantgarde. I know it's pricey but the AMG look that it's bringing is just worth it. It looks like an executive sedan, with a sporty look. If money doesn't bother you, then pick the c350.
    what's the current price tag of the c350 avantgarde?

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    Jan 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by Horsepower View Post
    but lexus is a just a toyota, whatever it does, it will never be a german luxury sedan.

    1. Audi A4 TDI Quattro
    2. BMW 3-series 320d
    3. C-Class Petrol or CDI (any BlueEfficiency Model)
    Unless Lexus transfers its HQ to Germany.?

    Anyway, I'm into the BMW 3-series. Plenty of variants to choose from. Just hope there are more diesel variants. The range toppers of the 3-series are the best!

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    Dec 2005
    some could say Audi is just a debadged VW.

    if i had to choose one, it'd be the bimmer, just for its amazing driving dynamics.

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    May 2007
    1st would be Audi TDI (great diesel engine, one of Ward's best engine for 09 - front wheel drive is a letdown)
    then 3series 320d (ima fan of diesel variant);
    then IS 300, rear engine drive, great design, best overall form japan in terms of workmanship, newcomer in our market (save for the grey market ones),
    last would be the C-Class (im still young and i think i wouldn't define me as i am.)

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    Jun 2006
    pre-owned ba ang tinitignan mo bro? kung reliability bro, especially sa pre-owned, mas safe choice ang lexus (proven toyota reliability). i can't speak for the benz, but i would never ever ever ever ever own a bimmer past it's warranty period ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jun 2006
    double post....

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    May 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by leopaul View Post
    Oh really? Consider the IS-F, C63 AMG or a M3 (either a sedan or a coupe variant, but yes, the M3 sedan exists), I mean which one is the best? Think about it.
    yea of course you'd always go for the bimmer because of the ride. it is pleasure driving whether it's the 320 or M3 coupe. you have to know what you're looking for. but i fell in love with the bimmer and i could say that it's a sports car suited for everyday driving, which means suited here unless you are to drive it somewhere.

    imagine the increased downforce.

    c-class will always be a mercedes and so is lexus and so is the bimmer :D

    but i also like the 335i very pogi as well

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    Feb 2008
    MB C-class in this level, pero kung 5 series vs E class sa BMW ako pero since nasa luxury compact tayo MB C-class ako. Now toss in the Audi A4 I will go for that instead!

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    Apr 2007
    If you read the latest issue of Topgear PH, the C-Class ranks the highest followed by the IS and then the 3 series placing last.

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