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    Sep 2007
    Thank you guys for the inputs. I might get the E probably. The price difference for the down is 20 thou and 2Thou monthly amortization for 5 years.

    I tried driving the J vvt-i for 300 kms yesterday and I found the clutch quite hard for my "arthritic knee"..huhu. I'm looking at the E auto tranny with the higher price na naman.

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    Jul 2006
    Medyo OT: How about between E and G? Which one would you choose? 100k+ din ata difference.

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    Oct 2005
    hindi po power side mirror ang "E" kahit remote inside the cabin wala.

    VS "G"

    "G" has side door moulding, dual airbags, glass print antenna, rear defogger, wood accents, fog lights,auto climate control na sya and optitron among obvious features gained.

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    Mar 2009
    If you have the moolah. Get the G. Bronze Metallic in color

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    Jul 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by ronw123w124 View Post
    Same thoughts here, if I were to buy an Innova, I'd get the J D4D model then pakabit na lang ng power windows, meron nagbebenta ng power windows for Innova J, nakalimutan ko na pangalan nun pero minsan may maliit na ad yun sa Manila Bulletin, I think nagbebenta rin yun ng mga bullbars and the like.
    [quote=dr. d;1227722]
    Quote Originally Posted by number001 View Post
    These are things that the J variant can never have, even with the help from the after market:

    1.) ABS
    2.) Driver side airbag
    3.) Four spoke steering wheels: (bec. of the airbag)
    4.) Color: flaxen - choose this color makes your Innova look more upscale since it is available for E and G variant only.
    5.) Factory power windows - those after market ones seem substandard.

    i think you can. except that, with the added cost, you'd probably be better off getting the E. to me, the most useful add-ons would be the power locks and the power windows. and don't forget the vinyl seats versus cloth-covered seats.
    You can get aftermarket power windows but it looks "after market". The quality of the switches and the appearance of the door looks cheap compared to the OEM. For me halatang low end talaga.
    AFAIK, you won't have controls for all the windows din * the driver door.

    Airbags and ABS aren't stuff you can just add on.

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    Apr 2010
    Are there pics of "after market" power windows here? pa-share naman..Thanks!

    BTW, as ko na din kung meron din bang after market for power side mirrors? San meron or san maganda at sinong shop ang magaling mag-install? Tia.

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    Feb 2004
    I was told by a dealer that Innova Es that came out earlier (2005) did not have airbags. Totoo ba ito?

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by xfreemanx View Post
    I was told by a dealer that Innova Es that came out earlier (2005) did not have airbags. Totoo ba ito?
    This is true. For E variant, from 2005 to 2007, no airbags. For J variant, it gained airbag after the facelift late 2008.

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    Jun 2007
    or... yung E variant na VVT-i... para wala kang eventual problema sa fuel pump

    (just watch out for your gas tank)

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    Mar 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by j_avonni View Post
    Agree, buy the E if you can afford the additional P119. When I bought my Innova, I was looking for the E or G. But, my budget's good for J only. He he he . . .
    Kung budget wise go for the J variant. May airbag na siya (driver's side). Kung may pera ka aat gusto mo ng power features, go for the E. Para sa complete features G or V variant na.

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