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    Sep 2008
    Why is Honda Jazz More Expensive than Honda City?

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    Feb 2008
    Because it is more feature pack than a City.

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    Oct 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by tidus1203 View Post
    Because it is more feature pack than a City.
    Is it really the features or the global image? The Jazz/Fit is marketed in the US, Europe and Asia and some other parts of world while the City is for Asia only...(before). It was reported that the 2009 City will be introduce in Europe.

    If you compare city with jazz, (not the new models which are now totally different), they are almost similar except the body which the city has more metal which I believe would also entail production cost. But still the Jazz is priced higher than the City.

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    Any idea on how much the new 2009 City will be priced, relative to the newly released GE Jazz?

    For price comparison purposes, I got this from Honda Leasing Thailand...

    Jazz S MT 560,000.00 bahts
    Jazz S AT 597,000.00 bahts
    Jazz V AT 630,000.00 bahts
    Jazz V AT (SRS) 650,000.00 bahts
    Jazz SV AT (SRS) 705,000.00 bahts

    City S MT 524,000.00 bahts
    City S AT 564,000.00 bahts
    City V AT (ABS) 619,000.00 bahts
    City V AT (AS) 644,000.00 bahts
    City SV AT (AS) 694,000.00 bahts

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    Dec 2008
    only difference is the body the city has more metal. the cost of production is the difference. at the time i bought my jazz ang explanation sakin nung agent is the rear door of the jazz is being installed in thailand. walang makina yung planta ng honda philippines to have that installed, compared with the city dito na binubuo. as per the sales rep at alabang yan.

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    Oct 2002
    afaik, the city is assembled here. the jazz naman, sa thailand.

    the gd city and gd jazz, both 1.3l, have some differences inside and out
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    Nov 2008
    2009 city that will be coming out on january. exactly same body d2 sa pic na e2 sa mag designs lang iba.

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    Mar 2009

    im planning to buy bnew honda jazz or city 1.3(at), but im still undecided which one to buy...

    here are the things i like in the 2 cars

    jazz : ULTRA seats, i like sports, and i think I could use jazz seats if i want to load a bicycle someday... i also think that interior of jazz is better than the city... if city have folding seats, then i might probably buy the city...
    i'm not that expert in cars, but i noticed that jazz have disc break, but city have disc(front) drum(rear).... i think disc is better? am i right?

    city : i like the looks, but i hate the audio system, though ipod ready is superb... but i do listen to different radio stations from time to time, but city doesnt have presets.... backseats headroom is too low... i'm a 6 footer, and when seating straight my head and ceiling i think only have a space of 1 inch..... but no problem for driver seats since it has enough headroom for me...

    I have test driven both cars, but im still undecided until now, both have the same ride but i just noticed that the suspension of city is better than jazz... but jazz have bigger side mirror.. and have a great view when driving...

    also do you know what's the FC of both cars?

    thanks! hoping u could help me to choose which one to buy.

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    Jan 2009
    The Jazz should have better FC than the City since it is smaller. Also a 1.3 Jazz would match better than a 1.3 City.

    Still the new City looks better than the Jazz. Parang mas bagay sa girl ang Jazz. Only my opinion though.

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    Dec 2005

    I own the previous gen Jazz 1.3L IDSi CVT. We chose it over the City then.

    However, this time, I would choose the City over the Jazz any day of the week.....


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