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    Jul 2012
    I recently owned a Honda Mobilio and wanting to own again another Honda brand which is the BRV. My son and my daughter (they are both sharing my rides) wanted to have a different brand since the BRV is almost akin to Mobilio inside/out. I dont disagree with them picking the JUKe but I just feel the 2nd row legrom is quite cramp (although most of the time I drive alone). This will be my first time owning a NISSAN brand if i will go for the JUKE. By the way, I still owned a 7seater SUV, and a performance sedan ..
    Appreciate your inputs..Thank you

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    Feb 2012
    My vote goes to juke po, since brv is almost same with your mobilio parang dika rin nagdagdag ng car. U always travel alone then juke maybe better for u, hehe maiba lang nissan naman.Honda BRV vs Nissan JUKE

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    Jan 2006
    The Mobilio and BRV are made from the same platform and powered by the same engine. The BRV just have a raised suspension compared to the Mobilio. Unless you are so swayed and impressed by your Mobilio will you buy an almost similar vehicle.

    The Juke is a small crossover like the Ecosport and CX3. Don't expect too much from interior space on these vehicles. The HRV is still classified as a small crossover but it offers better interior space than the Juke, Ecosport, or CX3.

    Right now, with around a budget of 1M, the Subaru XV with its 200k discount seem to be a good option. It is a much more capable small crossover compared to the Ecosport, Juke, CX3, or HRV.

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    Apr 2008
    The BRV's advantage would be the 3rd row which makes it more practical than the Juke, or any other subcompact and compact crossover for that matter. How are you liking the Mobilio? Is it good enough that you'd get a raised and better looking version of the same car? There's nothing wrong with that if the car's really good. We currently have two Santa Fe's, one 2007 4x2 CRDi and one 2011 4x4 R eVGT. Before, we used to have a 2004 Accord 3.0V6 and a 2005 Accord 2.4 at the same time too.

    For a car in that price range though, if you are fine with driving stick I'd suggest the base diesel Innova instead. That 2.8L engine is just too good to let by! Not to mention the excellent resale value and widespread parts supply.

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    Feb 2017
    I recently got my BRV and im very happy with it. the reason i choose BRV is that i need a bigger car since i have a civic. i wanted atleast a 7 seater and a matic. i been driving stick all my life and with the worsening traffic in the metro it's about time for an automatic. BRV is about practicality, a 7 seater ,automatic suv like at a price of a sedan..why not? but if you already have a mobilio and as you said you drive often alone, well nissan juke is a good choice. but check other brand of the same class as well.

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    Sep 2015
    Go for the Juke.

    Sa mga kotse ngayon ito lang wala ako masabi sa itsura.

    Pang 1.5 million ang dating pero presyong 900thou.

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    Nov 2009
    BR-V for me. practicality, looks, efficiency, etc.

    From an article i read: Atsushi Arisaka explained that the BR-V was more than just a raised Mobilio....., For starters, suspension geometry was reworked for both load and capability. The front subframe was also strengthened, so too were the side sills and the C-Pillar. To handle the loads and demands expected from a small crossover, the continuously variable transmission was also retuned. With family in mind, Arisaka mentioned safety was of top priority and the extensive retooling meant that the BR-V posted high marks in the latest ASEAN NCAP crash tests. On top of that, stability control is standard even on the entry-level models.

    But i think its best to give both a test drive before you decide.

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    Sep 2005
    since may mobilio ka na.. not advisable kung mag BRV ka pa..

    If you're considering the Juke.. then have a look at the Subaru XV.

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    Sep 2004
    Sa sitwasyon mo na merong mobilio, 7 seater suv, at performance sedan, then drives alone most of the time, mukang juke na nga talaga and next option mo. Malaking plus pa yung fact na gusto sya ng mga anak mo.

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    Sep 2014
    in another perspective, if you get a mobilio then buy a BRV. plantsado na tipid sa maintenance and parts replacement mo, pati CASA isang lugar na lang puntahan mo.

    the Juke is not a family car. it is for singles and couples only. even a family of four, 2 couples and 2 kids di adivsable bilhen juke, why for the very reason, na parang manok ang mga kids ngaun sa laki kakakain ng masasarap na pagkain. i doubt pagdating nila ng grade 5 kasya pa sila sa likod ng Juke

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