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    Jul 2006
    I'm deciding to get a Diesel compact car. Which would you recommend among the 2. I believe the ford focus is almost 200,000 pesos cheaper than the cruze, but Ford is suppose to introduce to the Philippine market the all new Focus.

    I think both units are CRDI, but I believe the ford is VGT as well. Please let me know your thoughts and opinions.

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    Aug 2004
    The Focus TDCI has better performance, possibly better economy and better handling. Oh. And rear seat AC.

    The Cruze VCDi has a better ride (the first-gen Focus TDCI had a supple ride, but the new one is pretty stiff) and a larger interior. Not quite sure about the interior materials, since they haven't finalized variants yet, but Cruze interior plastics are generally better than the Focus.

    The problem with the TDCI is the stiff-ish ride and the sedan has pretty so-so interior materials and colors. The hatchback has a nicer looking interior.

    The Cruze's main issue is the recalcitrant transmission. When accelerating smoothly from a stoplight, no problem. If you ever have to overtake or change speeds between gears, it's hesitant and laggy.

    Both are pretty quick compared to the gasoline competitors. In terms of maintenance... unknown. Like most variable geometry turbochargers, the one in the Focus is vulnerable to poor maintenance and abuse. (Boost it when its cold and shut it off without cooling it down and you can gunk up the turbo). The Cruze's should be the same. There have been little to no complaints about the fuel systems in either car... both use European systems... the Focus uses a Bosch system mated to a Peugeot HDI engine (marketed under license) while the Cruze uses an Italian VM Motori system. (They used to do Hyundai CRDis).

    Your biggest worry will be brake and suspension maintenance due to the extra weight and power... and brake and suspension components for these new "compacts" is more expensive than for older cars. But that's true of all new cars.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Chevy engine seems to be more suitable to the Philippines' road and fuel conditions.

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    Mar 2009
    I'd pick the Ford TDCi.

    But tough comparo.

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    May 2010
    It's the FORD FOCUS S TDCi for me.

Cheverolet Cruze Diesel vs Ford Focus Diesel (TDCI sedan or hatchback)