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    Sep 2003
    havnt had the chance (privilege) of owning a benz or bmw.
    and if ever, which is better? para sa mga prospective buyer, how much ba bawat model nila?
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    Oct 2002
    kung matetest drive ko lang sana kahit tig-isa sa dalawang car manufacturer....
    d pa kasi ako nakasakay sa mb or benz e...

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    Feb 2004
    nakpag drive na ako ng BMW 316 at 320 sarap talaga imaneho lalo na sa express way per o baka di kayo maniwala mas magaan i drive ang japanese cars like civic sentra! pero ung pinagmamalaki nilang precise steering totoo talaga medyo mabigat nga lang ang manibela! at pag MB daw pang matanda ang BMW pang bagets na tulad natin! kaya ako BMW na!

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    Oct 2002
    this is a controversial question, because you'll get all us fanatics coming out of the woodwork and getting into heated debates ;)

    let me share my experiences in car buying. i was choosing between a MB C320 and a BMW 330.

    the MB has a slight edge in interior styling and interior materials, although BMW's are made of just as high-quality materials, but more sporty in appearance.

    exterior styling: depends on personal taste of course, but i found the bimmer much sportier and 'nicer' looking.

    driving dynamics: no contest. the bimmer accelerates, handles, steers, and has that wonderful 'firm but not harsh' ride quality. the benz is pure comfort - nice ride, but not as good for spirited driving.

    my 2 centavos...obviously i'm biased towards bmw

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    Feb 2004
    To get a feel on MB and BMW dealer pricing, try visiting

    and check out their car chart. I'm not sure if prices are still very accurate but you can have an idea at least.

    Between the two, I personally like the C-class a bit more than the 3-series, but in terms of price, I think local MB dealers are asking too much and the BMW looks like better value for money.

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    Oct 2002
    depends on what you are looking for a car..
    sporty and precision... BMW
    comfort luxury driving ... MB

    test drove an E30 back in late 90s (cant remember if it was a 325i)... ganda ng hatak.. stiff suspension, tight gearshifter, ganda ng handling... cramped though..

    for that model..ano ba kapareho nito?.. 190E?.. if so.. well.. the 190E is more like a comfort car... the BMW had more sportiness in it... unless of course i compare it with teh 190E 2.3-16 or the 2.5-16.. then we might have a challenger here...

    for me.. either one.. sa ngayon.. MB ako.. pero nde sya sports car.. ehehe.. kung sakali man.. i'd like to have an E30...

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    Jan 2004
    Ang namaneho ko lang ay lumang 190E (83 yata yun). At 2-door na 6cyl na BMW. Di ko na maalala ang modelo, pero malakas humatak. That was 6 years ago. Mas gusto ko yung Benz pag luma na. Parang kahit luma, ok pa rin. Yung BMW looks like just another old car. Personal opinion lang po. No offense meant sa BMW owners.

    Ngayon sa brand new... mas gusto ko Benz. Of course wala naman akong pambili. Hehehe.

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    Jul 2003
    I think local MB dealers are asking too much and the BMW looks like better value for money.
    yeah kahit both may tax... the tax of the benz of cats is too high. 3m for a c-class? WTF!

    kahit parang price i still like the 3-series compared to the c-class. the c-class looks boring kahit may setup. the 3-series has a lot more options for setups... and bagay ito for young people

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    Mar 2003
    para mo ng Awa!..:lol: Mag BMW ka na!!!...

    para di dumami yung mga Benz sa kalye..:lol: j/k

    pero kung C Class type mo...bili ka na bilis..hehehe..para eb na tayo...

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    Oct 2002
    My family has had both BMW's and MB's. What I can say is, MB's have fun toys built in but BMW's are fun to drive.

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