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    Sep 2010
    First of all, please allow me to post this kahit na double topic because I am really confused regarding pickup choices.

    I am a simple person, 27 years old with a height of 5'6, so any big rig will not match me because i will look too short. I am intending to use this pickup as a daily driven rig. It should be very fuel efficient, tough, durable and comfortable. I dont go offroad as a necessity, just for fun. and i also dont haul anything for buisness (or atleast not yet). Our family only consists of 4 people which are about my height so rear seating is a plus, but not a necessity.

    I usually drive by myself, or with a companion, bihira lang maupuan yung rear seats. mga once a week lang.

    I am currently looking for the most practical pickup out there na bagay sakin. Probably yung pinaka fuel efficient, cheap to maintain and durable.

    any inputs guys?

    If you own any of those rigs, it would sure help a lot if you'd post your fuel consumption para mas broad ang research ko. I dont wanna make a mistake choosing out a diesel guzzler pickup.

    thanks a bunch!!

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    Mar 2004
    This topic has been discussed extensively already, you can find them in the car comparison forum.

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    Apr 2008
    If you value fuel efficiency and durability a lot, perhaps the best for you would be the D-Max 3.0Ddi M/T. It is among the most fuel efficient 3.0L turbo diesels around and though it does not have much top end power, low end grunt is what pickups need and that is what it has. If you value comfort and space then the Strada is for you. It is the most comfortable pickup in its class and also the one with the most interior space (at the expense of lesser cargo space). Also, it has the most top end power so running this one in highways is really a blast.

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    Hilux is also a good option, altough the Isuzu might be the most suitable.

    Would be a good option to run thru the floods

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    Aug 2010
    Forget the Strada since it is a lifestyle truck, I'm on it when it comes to comfort and performance but for the maintenance cost for every 5k kms. and so on, it is too pricey, yeah it's a lifestyle truck. that's it.

    the options would be, Isuzu D-Max and Nissan Navara LE, Isuzu D-Max, despite the fact it has the largest engine displacement (2953cc/3.0L) among its competitors it surprisingly one of the fuel efficient truck around there, quick accelaration at low rpm though as what sir GTi said "no much top end power" e matulin rin naman. Maintenance wise since it still conventional diesel engine technology of Isuzu and not picky when it come to fuel, it can even burn a bunker fuel, durability? No conversation it is an Isuzu.

    btw sir, why did you not include Navara in your options? It is also a good truck with a sportscar spirit, fuel efficient, harnessing a 10km/L in mixed driving condition, highway would be 14km/L and the lowest for traffic condition would be 8-9km/L something'.

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    Apr 2008
    Do you guys remember our dear friend hinDMaxsiado? D-Max fanboy though he may be but I agree with just about everything he says about the D-Max. Not many trucks out there have as wide a powerband as the D-Max with a factory quoted torque output of 294Nm*1400-3400rpm. Even though the numbers are not high, you can easily tune for more power. I rememeber sir dmax harping about getting dramatically improved fuel economy and performance after installing a piggyback ECU when the D-Max can already reach around 10km/L city and a top speed of around 200km/h in stock form.

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    Sep 2006
    ahaha! ahihihi! ahohoho!:rofl:

    HinDnakoMaxiado bilib sa isuzu nowadays.. Btw, do we really have the exact numbers or comparison kung gaano ba talaga ka fuel efficient ang Dmax as compared to other local pickups? Kasi IMO, if the difference is only around 2-3 liters per 100 kms then i just choose the navarra, hilux or strada which are more powerful..

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    Apr 2008
    I would not be getting the Hilux as the 2.5L sucks and the 3.0 A/T has earned a reputation of not being fuel efficient. Strada, as mentioned has high maintenance costs, though if comfort and interior space is the top priority it's definitely the top pick. Navara naman... If you do go offroad sometimes, the low ground clearance may be a deal breaker and then there is the fact that it does not have that much low end grunt.

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    May 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by cripple_rooster View Post
    Hilux is also a good option, altough the Isuzu might be the most suitable.

    Would be a good option to run thru the floods
    ^^^That's the Dmax with the Crosswind engine.


    i was about to recommend the Strada but...the PMS is too expensive for a truck. Pero you can still take a look at it and test drive it.

    hindi rin ako bilib sa Isuzu. The Dmax is just as efficient as the Strada, Ranger and the Navara . But current Ranger however will have much much Low End Torque, higher horsepower rating, an LSD, Better driving feel, Waterproof ECU and a dependable water wading capable truck but you'll also having a bumpy ride. The Strada will have a higher HP output engine and no LSD.

    If you're getting the 2.5 GLX-V then you're also having ugly wheel and tire combo and no ABS but it will give you a comfortable ride.

    The Dmax has a large engine and only outputting puny amounts of torque and it also doesn't drive well and a really harsh ride.

    Navara? Sportscar spirit? How? It doesn't look nor drive like one, not the zippy too compared to the 4x4 2.5 high-output engine. the Navara is good. Spacious interior, comfortable rear seats. The only thing i don't like about is its so ugly in 4x2 form.

    The only thing i would recommend for the TS is to test drive each rig. yun lang.

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    Apr 2008
    Well, even having similar fuel consumption numbers as the 2.5L Strada, Ranger and Navara, that is still a considerable feat given the bigger engine. This also means it is not as highly strung as its 2.5L counterparts which should lead to longer service life. Besides, I don't think there is any other pickup here that offers a 3.0L engine with manual transmission and 4x2 drivetrain combo. Using the 2.4L Accord, I have once played with a D-Max in the highway and I can say that it is definitely no slouch.

    The Ranger is a good choice but then it would be up to the TS if he can live with the harsh ride and the torture for the rear occupants.

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