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    Mar 2010
    Comrades I need your help. I have scanned the Car Comparison pages of almost all forums here in the Philippines, but no comparison between the two. I need help in buying which is better? Performance and feature-wise. If Cost is no object, although Value for money vis-a-vis with performance and feature is a huge consideration. Performance is important (Engine, Speed, handling, ride-suspension, Safety, ground clearance etc..) and Features (including interior appearance). Exterior is not so much a consideration as the old cliche goes, Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Help Please based solely on these premise.

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    May 2006
    Performance and Value for money pa lng, Subaru 2.5XT ka na. :D
    Test drive though to confirm what you really want.

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    Aug 2006
    Maganda sana Subaru kaso isa lang Service Center nila.... Pano kung masiraan ka sa Province?

    Hyundai for me...

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    Mar 2010
    the forester is a great car, when it comes down to performance you can't even compare hyundai's performance to it hindi lang hyundai pati na din ibang competitors ng forester. test drive both and you'll see what i mean. and subaru is also one of the most reliable and safest car in the world. in the states subarus has gone up to 100k miles with no major problems, ganon sya ka tibay. the only down side to the forester is isa lang ang service center nila.

    in short if you want a performance car and you'll be going off road and up the mountains, get the forester. if you want to be practical and comfort and you'll only use it for city driving then get the tucson.

    about the performance watch this na lang

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    Mar 2010
    Even if Mirror Image is the only service center in the Philippines for the Forester, I havent read a single specific problem for old and new Forester alike with regards to problems and parts issues. Ford which has a plethoria of car dealership is a major headache than the Subaru Forester which has been known to be bug free. The only minus about the Forester is that because it is has only one exclusive dealership, management has garnered a reputation a snob; with regards to giving freebies, discounts and more so attentiveness. I recently visit Mirror Image in Edsa and was treated indifferently. Cant say the same for the BMW dealerships which even in an elite level status has generated more warmness and customer affinity. Regarding the clips on youtube, I definitely see the difference between the CRV, RAV4, nissan and Mitsubishi. But the Hyundai Tucson 2010 4x4 has been getting impressive reviews on other sites especially with regards to the head to head comparison between the Forester. But this is with regards to the design and the interior space, the engine performance has been vaguely discussed though. Can someone be more specific about their experience driving them? I heard that although the Subaru is fitted with a 4 speed transmission as against the 6 speed transmission of the Hyundai, the Subaru is more responsive but the Tucson is now more economically sound than the Subaru in terms of Gas mileage. Also FORESTERX you vaguely mentioned that For city driving get a Tucson for "comfort". Does this mean the Forester has a ride similar to the old Fortuner with terrible suspension and uncomfortable ride than the new Tucson? Please be more specific. Thanks.

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    Aug 2008
    tucson looks way way better than the subaru. HARI has more service centers than subaru.

    pero kung performance daw, siguro panalo yan subaru. pero para san ba talaga yan performance performance na yan, araw-araw traffic

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    Mar 2010
    Performance is definitely an issue, even on city driving. Sa SAFETY issue pa lang, na delikado sa araw-araw na pag-drive versus the big shabu using drivers of Edsa, is an issue already. Also, a vehicle who has spent considerable mileage will be worn out and definitely affect more yung performance nya in terms of ride comfort and engine reliability which eventually will garner the discussion on a higher resale value, or if youd want to keep it longer. If you get a car solely on the "looks" premise, it will easily be replaced by another car which would look better. And yes, i believe that brand and performance is better than looks. You'd rather drive an old BMW 5 series than a new car because its safer.

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    Jun 2007
    subaru forester is cbu japan.
    hyundai tucson is cbu korea.

    no contest here... clear choice is forester.

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    Feb 2008
    Forester on this one. Pero kung CRDi Tucson, I will get that...

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    Mar 2010
    *shivaker: i'm not saying that the forester isn't great for daily driving, the suspension is just a bit stiff. some people might not like it, but for people who loves performance better than looks i'm sure they'll love it. i can't really compare it against the tuscon since i didn't test drive one when i was in the market for a car since i don't trust hyundai. i'm only comparing it based on reviews and feedback from other hyundai owners. also the forester hates to be driven in the city, pag naka idle grabe lumamon ng gas mas malakas pa lumamon kesa pag hinataw mo, maybe because the forester wants to be driven fast. that's why i think the forester isn't the best choice for city driving, i would choose the cx7 over the forester for city driving.

    also regarding about motor image, yung mga sales agent lang nila yung mga snob. i'm 23 and look really young, nung pumasok ako sa motor image walang pumapansin sakin, i'm sure they we're thinking that i won't be able to buy a car. si mel lang ang pumansin sakin, sya lang yung mabait na sales agent don kaya right after i test drove the car i told her to fix the papers already cause i'll be back the next day with my down payment. pero service is really great, a lot better than honda, mitsu and toyota.

    *gen. miting: not all of us cares about the looks of the car, i like performance a lot more than looks plus i'm sure the forester will last longer than any hyundai. also when you said para san ang performance eh kung traffic naman. well if some thing happens i want to be in a car that i can trust my life with. with a better performing car, the chance of evading danger is much better than a car that looks good. also subaru has one of the strongest b-pillar.

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