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    May 2005
    In terms of fuel efficiency, features and comfort, which one is better?


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    Oct 2002
    The smaller Corona is said to be more fuel efficent.

    In terms of features and comfort, the Cefiro has it in spades. It can eclipse the Corona in cabin size alone.

    The Corona is a smaller car. More akin to the Altima than to the Cefiro.
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    Jan 2003
    i've tried both rides and the exsior's cabin space is quite cramped... pedals and the steering wheel is a problem for a big guy driver if you have passengers at the back while the cefiro's cabin has a nice and ample space for big guys like me and the interior also, cefiro's interior is a winner compared to the exsior...

    externally, the exsior's design caters to younger guys since it can be modified to look sporty while the cefiro is more of an executive look thus it caters to those who have more classy taste...

    Personally, I have never tried racing a cefiro before and my friend had an exsior souped up and i really love his ride so my vote goes to exsior even if cefiro is much better...

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    Nov 2002
    fuel efficiency - corona
    features and comfort - cefiro

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    Aug 2006
    i raced a cefiro.. ung 24v v6.. gamit ko 3door na rav4.. may manual ba na cefiro? grabe umovertake eh.. parang manual.. nakakasabay naman ako but hirap.. parang katulad sya nung 300D na merc na nakasabay ko din.. pero medyo mahina lang ng onti ung cefiro.. di ko lam kung nambibitin ung cefiro kasi nahahabol ko sya eh.. di ko lang maovertakan coz may nagger sa likod ko.. my tita.

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    Oct 2002
    300D na Mercedes is around 80hp. Around 120hp kung turbo.

    Yup, may manual na Cefiro during its early years.
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    Oct 2006
    if i were in ur shoes, i go for corona.

    i use to have a corona before.
    1st, the engine is quite. very very very quite. its like ur engine isnt running at all.
    2nd. quite fast, for comfort.
    well add 100,000 peses and customize ur interiour?

    can u agree ?

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    Aug 2006
    huwaw .. seryoso ganun lang yung hp nun?? eh potek grabe umovertake ung merc.. parang kung gusto nya umovertake anytime okay lang kahit malapit na ung kasalubong!! ung 300D na merc ung luma na ah.. di ko lam ung mga model ng mec pero ung headlight nya yung pa square pa! sorry kung OT ah..

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    Oct 2002
    Yep. Ganyan ang daily driver ko, 1977 model. 80hp lang siya. Meron kami 300SD (turbo) 1981. 120hp pero ang laki ng body (S-class).

    Oops OT.
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    Oct 2002
    Having had both cars in our garage...

    - Power
    - Space (but the Corona isnt that far behind)
    - Comfort (quiet engine and soft suspension... very stable even at speeds over 160kph)
    - Does around 6km/l++ in the city (2.0 V6 a/t)

    - Fuel efficiency; does around 7-8km/L in the city (2.0 cylinder a/t)
    - Parts availability
    - Sufficient space

    Test drive and go where your heart is. (but of course). My choice for long drives with the family is definitely the Cefiro; for the daily grind in the city and practicality, the Corona has an edge.

    On service parts, the Cefiro only needs a tune-up every 100,000kms using the platinum plugs. As long as the unit has been maintained properly then the wear and tear repairs to the suspension and engine isnt really that expensive (at par with the Corona actually). But if there are major repairs or damages to the engine (i.e. warped cylinder head, etc.) then dehado yung Cefiro against the Corona.
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1998 Corona Exsior or 1998 Nissan Cefiro