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    Jan 2011
    hello i'm new here I'm about to buy a new car (it's my first one) btw I'm only 16 and i don't have that much of knowledge about cars, hoping that someone could help me decide my budget is 1m-3m. thank youu

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    May 2010
    Wow, you're one lucky chap!!! BTW, i'm also 16. Can you define your needs so I can help you better. I recommend something that isn't fast but not too slow, cost efficient, and safe for your age. SUV's and Pick Up trucks are not recommended...

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    Apr 2008
    You really are one lucky chap! 3M?!?! Well... If you want to be a good son and help your folks save some money on gas (who knows? they might be so happy with the gesture and also buy you upgrades for your new car! ), you may want the 1.788M Santa Fe ReVGT 4x4. Its got 197 horses and 436Nm of torque, the horses are more than enough to get you beyond 220km/h (as many owners have already tried) and the torque is unsurpassed in its class or even in the one above it. (Pajeros and Prados have less!) You can blast away from that arrogant teenage X3 driver at ease! Despite all this, you get good fuel mileage and a comfortable ride along with good handling characteristics and also tag your barkadas with you. Then if you still want more power, a Unichip installation (50k only!) will do the trick. If you still want more, you can always change that intercooler, throw in racing filters... :devil: Or if you don't mind gas expenses, go bonkers with a Genesis Coupe V6, Forester XT or an Impreza WRX STi!

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