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    Jun 2006
    Hey all. Was wondering about this. There are some out there who encounter an old classic that for one reason or another has lost its papers. Whether through neglect, calamity or whatever. They used to say that as long as you have the plate number and LTo sticker it shouldnt be a problem? What is the process for this?

    Also, shouldnt LTo be more lenient with classics like they are in other places (daw). Since they arent pang everyday use anyway and the fees are for everyday drivers.

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    Oct 2005
    Lost CR will be your transaction with LTO I believe.

    They would I think, first, locate where is the copy of your CR is (what LTO branch), then, AFAIK you have to go there to proceed with your transaction.

    I think as long as the license plate is there and with knowledge when the car was last registered then there won't be a problem.

LTO reconstruction of papers for "Classics"