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    Oct 2002
    ako wala lang pambili kaya naghohold ako ng specific model ng car.

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    Sep 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by alwayz_yummy View Post
    1989 nissan auster (local: maxima) 2.0X (carb).. computin mo nalang ilang taon na.

    daming hardship, trials and pinagsamahan namin ng kotse na to, parang parte na ng buhay ko.. pero its up to when or me kung kelangan na bitawan siya... pero di ako makaka desisyon nun.....naka-pangalan to sa nanay ko noh! sriuosly, as the owner, alam mo yun...

    since nearing its 20th year, siyempre lalabas ulit mga pang 10th year aches...which is due for another major restoration...

    plus sa maintenance palang ng kotse vs. resale cost, lugi na....logically ako, i'll just restore nalang, atleast may kotse akong ginagamit(despite boring 5000/year on registration) and baka in the future, well, mag-hold/appreciate na din value nito... may show car pa ako to be admired week-end/holiday car nalang... ba bibihira merong 1989 maxima lalo na ngayon hehehe...

    mura lang naman bumili ng donor car, lao na yung un-registered units na kumpleto pa trimmings..

    di mo ata na mention yun 20liters = 100km mo

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    Dec 2007
    1994 Toyota Corolla 1.6 GLi (AE101):
    Was with my family for 8 years. Ours was one of the very first units, released October 1993. By the time we sold it its sagging springs needed replacement, and it had already had a clutch change, but every other mechanical component still worked well. I have no doubt it's still running somewhere in QC.

    1999 Honda City 1.5EXi (SX8):
    Acquired 2001 as a second-hand car. It was with me for 6 years. Mechanically it was still fine; it needed new shocks, but most of the damage on it was cosmetic. Dents and scrapes mostly. I kind of regret not taking better care of it.

    2005 Honda Jazz 1.3S (GD1):
    Acquired second-hand 2007 and my present ride. Ever since I first saw its photos back in 2002 I was smitten---you could say the Jazz is already my dream car. I plan on keeping it until I have a family of my own. Should be no problem lasting more than 10 years.

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    Apr 2008
    1989 Nissan Sentra 1.6SGX: was the family's 1st car, this one had power windows and is never short of power. It actually rides quite nicely, without many major repairs in its time with us. When it was sold, it was still in very good condition (no scratches or dents, clean and nicely kept interior with nothing falling apart) sold only because of its declining fuel efficiency.
    1997 Honda Accord 2.2VTi: bought second hand on 2000. Was the family's 1st A/T car. The last owner installed all available options (lucky us!) it had a great performance (Baguio to Manila in 3 hours!!!) once it was accidentally driven in a heavily flooded area, stalled only when the water came in and the flood covered the hood resulting to a transmission change. It was sold in 2003 with only 51k on the clock because we lived in a frequently flooding area, really miss that car.
    2002 Isuzu Trooper 4x2 (current car): bought second hand on 2003. As durable as a tank, engine performance is great but handling isn't. It has never belched black smoke since it started here with us. Only a few gripes with ths car: no seatbelt for 2nd row center occupant and the side facing rear seats.
    So any car, even if it's 2nd hand, as long it was sold to us in a good condition can last at least 15-20 years with us and sold in an excellent condition.

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    Nov 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Gerbo View Post
    How many years can you hold on to it? 10,15,20 years...before difficulties set in in finding parts?

    When is the best time to let go a car? Btw, not after resale value...
    for me, kung wala nang mahanap na parts sa banawe, malabo na. time to let go na. mga bestsellers talaga ang lamang dito. kasi usually though the body changes, the engine remains the same. so most likely more than 10 yrs nang in production. that would translate to around 100k or so units plying the road. imagine the volume of parts available. best examples are the 4afe, 4g63 and old school diesels.

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    Jan 2008
    For me if your the 1st owner, 5 years is the maximum you can hold the vehicle before you resale again to recover more to you investment or else you will frustrate or loose everything. the 5 years lalabas na mga sira nyan, the maintenance was very high.. also, its defend on your usage. mileage per month or year.. if you always travel better to replace a new one kung may budget kung wala naman... no choice ka love what you have...

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    SQ - omit ko muna yun, kasi nareduce naman kahit paano to 15L/100kms e... hantayin mo, aabot ako sa atleast 7-10L/100km... 5L/100km is overkill for a mid-size car like mine.

    usual vehicle life is just 3-years lang. 5 years may lugi na. well, 20 years, sagad na. if i have the capacity to pay for a new car every 3 years, expect that i have a new car every 2.5-3 years. and only 1 keeper classic car.

    pero alam nyu ba na dito sa atin, the older the car the cheaper the registration is?

    my 1989 maxima has an MVUC of only 1,400 pesos (wala pa ang mga varying cost of: plates/stickers, comp. fee, legal reaseach, insurance, emission at service fees)

    ung 1998 kia namin, has a MVUC of 2,xxx pesos, remeber, sub-compact/light category to ha, unlike sa maxima ko na M/mid-size category.

    comparing sa mga bago ngayon na mid-size cars w/ 3-year LTO of 12thou--divide mo by 3(since 3 years nga,) pumapatak na 4Thou plus per year.

    practically, if your old car is still in a prestine condition, you might want to consider your yearly increase in registration fee if you traded your old one for a new one.

    eto di ata napapansin ng pinoy,e.. kaya nga mura ang cost ng mga used vehicles na galing japan, kasi unlike sa atin, sa kanila the older the vehicle the more fees you have to pay. but unlike din sa atin, pinoys dont have the capacity to pay for a new vehicle every 3-5 years.

    and to add: maxima ko is really from japan(some research and the VIN plate says it), like the teana, SX4, swift, subarus... di katulad ng most other japanese cars na locally made or from asean member countries. well, i could say na japanese built quality is great, plus a good maintenance, ba di ko akalaing tatagal ng ganito ha.

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    Aug 2004
    It all depends on how much you love the car. Very few cars are impossible to maintain... maybe certain very short run cars like the Lotus Carlton will have absolutely no spares available (word is, the bespoke ECU is completely irreplaceable...)... but most 20 year old cars can be maintained if you have foreign contacts and a credit card.

    It's up to you, as the owner, really, to figure out how much the car is worth to you. One owner's headache is often another enthusiast's treasure. Every time I see a fully-restored Escort, Corolla Sprinter or 70's Lancer, I smile as much as if I'd seen a Ferrari. Old Alfas, Lancia Delta Integrales, the rare Isuzu Bellet GT-R... these cars were not dream cars in their days... just desirable sports cars... but nowadays they're valuable.

    For a car, ten years or 150,000 to 200,000 kilometers is the maximum serviceable life for a car you don't particularly love. Because after that, you will have to pour a ton of money into it to refresh it completely... repainting, repairing body joints and welds, replacing under-chassis parts and overhauling the engine... most people would rather pour that 100 - 200k pesos into a downpayment on a new car than to refresh what they've got.

    But if you're willing, thanks to aftermarket manufacturers making restoration parts for desirable (and even not-so-desirable) classics, the "resto-modding" trend which allows you to update old cars with modern mechanicals, it's no longer a question of how long you can keep the car running. It's now a question of how long you can keep it looking good, as cosmetic parts like headlights, tail-lights, chrome and rubber trim and original wheels and hubcaps are becoming increasingly rare and expensive.

    Personally, I'd love to keep my current car forever. But realistically, it might only be a daily driver for another year or two before I have to supplement it with a newer car.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Apr 2006
    I don't know how long I'll hold on to my car but I would say it'd be for a long time too like our old family vehicle -- 25 years later is still with us. Most likely there'd only be one reason to let go of it - financial.


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    Mar 2008
    first off, there is no such thing as "investing on a car", because you can never get back your money. and you will always have to spend on it. it's like having a child who never grows up.
    but for as long as maintenance parts are still reasonably available at an acceptable price, and the car actually spends more time with you than in the fixit shop, and the car can still perform the transportion jobs that you want it to, i would hold on to that car. nice thing about your old car, is that you already know its quirks.
    if you are allergic to fixit shops, or if your time is very expensive, then 3 years is just about right. in those 3 years, your trips to the casa wil be for the PMS only. after that, things will start breaking down and need replacement.
    as an extreme example, you might want to talk to volkswagen fanatics. they hold on to their daily drives of 30 to over 40 years of age.
    but if vanity is first on your list, then all bets are off.

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How many years can you hold on to a particular car model?