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    Dec 2010
    sir/mam newbie lang po im planning to buy a 2nd hand car preferably honda mga model 1994 to 1996 i just wanted to know kung saang 2nd hand car dealer seller pwede akung pumunta ..ive been visiting some adds lately sa mga private seller gusto ku naman sana puntahan yung mga me pwestong dealer the way kung negotiable ba gaanu dapat kalaki ang dapat itawad ko is it 5, 10 , 15 thou? sensya na daming tanung... thanks in advance

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    Oct 2005
    1st is kung sa may pwestong dealer ka pupunta, yung 94-96 model na Honda na hinahanap mo, magiging 92-94 na lang. I suggest you take more time to look on private seller, just a tip.

    2nd, tawad is not patterned as to 5 or 10 or 15K. Know the appropriate market value of the model you are eyeing so as to make an appropriate bargain or offer. Another wag maging masyadong low baller. Nakakairita ka deal yung mga ganun.

    3rd, the Sunday edition of the Manila Bulletin for me is still the best source for auto classifieds info.

    Happy hunting

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    Mar 2008
    you will probably get a better deal if you seek out cars being sold by the owners themselves, mainly because they are not there to make a profit. some of them actually don't need the money, but they do need the garage space.
    the advantage of going to the dealer is, you get to see more vehicles in one visit.
    haggling is a very flexible activity. discounts can range from a few thousands, to tens of thousands. many sellers expect to be asked discounts, so they raise their prices first..
    i find the newsprint buy and sell magazines very useful, because they classify the items into groups, making it very easy to get the general market prices..
    lastly, no one sells his car because it runs too well. always expect to fix something when you buy a used car. so don't blow all your cash on the purchase price. have some left over for the repairs.

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