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    Nov 2004
    if it will be a 2nd car then you can get benz 190e from 1985-89 model. i'm thinking of selling mine. medyo malakas gas consumption (6-7km) but other than that, gwapong gwapo pa rin yung kotse kahit 20 years na sya.

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    Oct 2002
    If A/T, an old Benz is a good platform. Try W123, W124, or W201 (190E) since they have the most parts and are the easiest to work on.

    You can also try the big dog W126 (300SD, etc.). Para ka nang mafia niyan. Kaso baka hindi kasya sa budget. hehehe.

    Saka hindi na maluluma ang mga ito. They are rolling classics.
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    Oct 2002
    Ang daming pwedeng kunin sa price range na yan... from AE92 Corollas, to Sentras to Lancers, to Coronas, Accords, Galants, etc. The question would lie more on how much would you want to spend to fix up the car and what exactly do you want (a sport sedan, Euro car class, bling mobile, etc...).

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    matis 250 kagabi budget mo,a!

    yan...99 sentra gts a/t!

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    Nov 2005
    If matic na 150-200k, I suggest '93-'95 Civic Esi or Corolla Gli.

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    Oct 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by nangangamatis View Post
    Ano ba murang car na matic na nasa 150-200k na maganda pagandahin?

    civic hatch

    lancer pizza pie

    nissan cefiro first look current body

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    Sep 2006
    lancer pizza pie and itlog? Ano po mga itsura nun? pict?

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    Sep 2006
    iba ba yung EG and EF na hatchback sa Civic hatchback?
    dapat Civic na hatchback? yung EG/EF panget?

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    Jan 2005
    lancer itlog:

    lancer pizza:

    EF civic hatch:

    EG civic hatch:

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    Sep 2006
    thanks! parang gusto ko na nung hatchback. Madalang yata matic na hatchback?

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Anong 2ndhand car na 150-200k na magandang pagandahin?