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    May 2004

    -- denzz

    HEAD UNIT: A Pioneer DEH 4650MP head unit was chosen for its host of features, as well as its CD -Text display,
    [AM/FM/CD/MP3] with MP3; i dnt need a separate changer and placed in an available pocket below the factory location.

    AMPS: An Alpine V12 MRV f1507 amplifier was chosen to give life to the front and another MRV 705 to bring in the low end.
    they were installed under the passenger seat. to prevent theft during deliveries.

    FRONT SPEAKERS: A set of Targa X502 5.5" two-way separates was used in the factory door location, with the silk dome tweeters
    placed high on the dash for better stage height.

    REAR SPEAKERS : A set of Targa X402 4" two-way separates was used for rear fill, including a set of Fronter 6x9s.

    SUBS: 2 Targa x12i cannot be seen installed in a detachable ported box enclosure. for easy access to the trunk, tires in case of emergency

    First things first, this is a budget car, with a "budget meal" installation.
    After spending less than Php 20,000; the audio system was brought to life.
    Mobile Entertainment Up front, the City's factory double-DIN radio location is now home to a
    Pioneer DEH 4650 head unit was chosen for its low cost functionality of a built in MP3/CD indash as well as host of features, ease of installation while giving the car a clean factory look.
    I chose not to add any additional crossovers or signal processors, so the audio signal is fed from the source unit alone.

    Unlike many project vehicles out there, this one would not include monitors placed in every open crevice, or
    thumping bass to be heard from a mile down the road.since Im the more conservative geeky type who prefers listening to orchestra/instrumental
    music [like star wars, lone ranger rather than Bass305]during long trips, client call and occasional deliveries.
    The car has endless musical joys for any kind of music i could go back to any factory audio again.

    Mated to the unit is a Pioneer MRV F1507 V12 / MRV705 amplifier installed under the driver and passenger seat.

    Filling the cabin with sound was accomplished with a total of 10 speakers: 2 sets of components in front, 2 set at the rear and two subwoofers.

    A set of Targa X502 two-way separates was used in the factory door location, with no modifications a set of tweeters placed high on the dash for better stage height.
    The silk tweeters provide the smooth high notes and the 5.5's, Targas provide good midrange and mid-bass at low cost. an Alpine MRV F1507 amplifier was chosen to breathe a
    healthy # of watts x 2 into the front stage and MRV 705 to bring the low end to life.
    bec of the limited budget this setup is not for competition or db drag; the goal for the bass was more
    SQ than SPL, with an emphasis on tightness and accuracy. not for show since Manila is full of car theft, more stuffs to show means more chance for ur equipment
    to Go and beGone!
    Due to the conservative setup, there were no major alterations made to the electrical system.

    clean Bass for the system comes courtesy of a pair of Targa X12i 12" subwoofers in a ported removable enclosure.
    with NO plexiglass, Neon tubes & glows; since the whole system is intended to be stealth.
    Originally the plan was to install one woofer behind other at the spare tire compartment, showing the amps; but that plan was changed.
    there is no intention to show the setup since the compartment is opened regularly during delivery
    and to prevent the risk of damagine the subs during pickup/delivery of ofc. supplies.
    the removable baffles is designed as to accomodate more cargo in case of emergency[travel, baggage]

    the owner would like to thank Araneta Car Accessories for a job well done.

    Driver Profile
    Dennis Ko's City Exi remains a daily driver. the City goes to Binondo, Divisoria QC, for paper pickup , delivery, in search of 2nd hand low budget good deal cars,
    and back to his job as owner of PRINTER 2000 a small printing press, as well to play.
    And why not? When your vehicle sounds better than your home theater you're going to want to spend as much time as possible in it.
    chinese songs, orchestras , Hip-hop and R&B top my list of favorites to jam but all genres of music get represented in my City.

    am a freelance programmer, computer geek n entusiast.during his spare time he makes a living by operating 3 small businesses
    a 2nd hand car buy and sell business. in fact this car [98 Honda City eXI] was bought stock *150T last 2000 * only 14T km
    a pet breeding /buy and sell business. and a printing press.

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    astig. pareho tayo ng headunit! ganyan din ang balak ko po.

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    ganyan ba talaga kalaki yung amp mo?

    ilang watts yan?

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    ayos ah, buti kumasha sa ilalim ng upuan yung amp. How about the cooling for the amp?

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    oo nga eh. 705 yung v12 nya ata eh... kaya kasya yun...

story behind ur boomboom setup