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    Oct 2002
    guys i dont know much about sound systems pero ang alam ko the sport trac comes with 290 watt pioneer sound system.. optional ata ito. ok na ba ito or does it need some more?

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    Oct 2002
    i suggest you pay a visit to your friendly neighborhood Ford dealership and request to hear the sport trac's sound system. IMO, you're the only one who can REALLY say whether the sound system is up to par for your taste or not. also, so you can ask whether they can add the additional accessories from other Ford vehicles into the vehicle that you're gonna buy. plus, you can have them compute how much exactly you're gonna need to make that purchase.

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    Oct 2002
    I don't think Pioneer does any supplying to Ford. Their top of the line systems in the U.S. uses JBL components, right?

    I guess you'd be better off building up your own system. With a little creativity you can create a system that not only sounds better than a Sport Trac's but costs significantly cheaper or is more feature packed.

    Most OEM systems lack bass. Get a powered sub.
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    Oct 2002
    I agree with Otep :mrgreen:

    How much is this optional pioneer package??

    Most likely it's a significant amount. Just keep your money. There are lots of peeps here who can help you build a better system with the money you saved. :P

stock sound system ng ford explorer sport trac