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    Mar 2010
    hello guys. i need help ob setting up my car audio system

    I recently had my car setup and use Sound Magus Amp. now after installation i noticed that front speakers are on Group B of the Soundmagus Apm. and rear speakers are in Group A.

    on the owners manual suggested that
    Group A is Hi-pass filter (full range)
    Group B is x-over mode and frequency control (full range)

    this is my setup (nissan xtrail)

    1.) FRONT
    2 sets of Morel Pulse 6.5 (2 speaker and 1 tweeter in each door and 1 tweeter on a.pillar)

    2.) SECOND RAW
    1 set of Morel Coax Speaker

    3.) REAR\ 3RD RAW
    1 set of Morel Maximo with tweeter

    Group A on amp are connected to Second Raw and 3rd raw
    Group B on amp is connected to Front

    my Sub woofer is built in amp so they connected it directly to HU.

    should i move my front speakers to group a or it wikl be ok as is?


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    Mar 2010
    sorry i forgot to mention my Soundmagus is 4channel ck75

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    Let's have a quick review of the components you have,

    2 sets of Morel pulse- 120 watts rms each set,
    1 set of morel maximo coax- 80 watts rms
    1 set of morel maximo seps- 90 watts rms

    Your amp is sound magus CK75 4channel power amplifier- 75 watts rms X 4 *4ohms
    - 100watts rms X 4 *2ohms
    - 200watts rms X 2 *4ohms bridge
    Sir, you made these connection
    -Group A on amp are connected to Second Raw and 3rd raw
    -and Group B on amp is connected to Front
    I think, you made a parallel-series connection here and bridge it to amplifier to get its full power option tama po ba? Ang pagkakaiba lang po nung A and B speaker connection ay yung low pass filter ng B, na ginagamit lang po to drive subwoofer systems, so parehas lang po yun sa system nyo.
    Ingat lang po when adjusting gain controls and frequency cut-off, gamit na lang po kayo ng clipping detector para long lasting ang gamit nyo, maaari din pong maka receive ng DC out yung speaker nyo from the amp kase you're on bridge mode connection, kelangan po dyan is hindi makaka-receive ng low power yung amp nyo, so you need to stabilized your power supply, delikado po sa speakers yung DC out because of it's tiny voice coils lalo na yung twitters.

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    Mar 2010
    To be honest, I am not sure how they connect the speakers. I bought this car second hand and the speakers are there already. I just add Power Amp, Sub-woofer(w/built in amp) and changed the Headunit (Pioneer)

    1.) clipping detector - I dont know where to get this and how to use it.
    2.) adjusting gain controls and frequency cut-off - I asked to adjust the gain of the amp from the installer, not sure sure about frequency cut-off. I had it adjust na mas malakas yung harap kesa likod, tama po ba ito ? based from my original post, ano po ba tamang frequency cut-off?
    3.) pano ko malalaman kung naka bridge mode yung amp? all I can see in amp speaker terminal is wires from speakers/ x-over modules. the terminals are full already. bale 8 terminal yun.
    4.) Planning to clean the cables soon, gulogulo kasi parang spaghetti, should I move the front speakers to GROUP A and rear speakers on GROUP B?

    Sorry, I am newbie on audio setup.

    And.. Thanks for the help, really appreciated it very much

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    I think that is in stereo mode, the installer parallel the two speakers and connect it to each channel of the amp to get 2ohms-100watts, tama pa rin if that is my guess. Like i said sir, group A and B are the same because di nyo naman gagamitin ang low pass filter. Sa frequency cut off naman, is the high pass filter switch is on? If yes, it already filtered certain frequencies, meaning no low pass frequency signals should pass through going to the speakers. If there is another module present other than head unit and the amp like a active crossover, it is a good filter and the filter in the amp should turn off, maybe set it to 80hz depending on the speaker responses, a good ears knows where to set it, maaaring mas mababa pa dun.

    Clipping detector po is found in some audio shop, same as the oscilloscope to level match your system and to fine tune it well, you don't have to buy it, bring your system in audio shop, say what you want and there, malalaman nyo na rin po kung anu ang pwedeng gawin sa system nyo, or if you still wanted do it by yourself, post all the details about your whole system kase i'm still guessing e, like what is the head unit?, is there a crossover?, anung wiring po ang ginamit dito?, can you measure the impedance's of the speakers? it should be 2ohms para match sa amplifier nyo.

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    Mar 2010
    Thanks, tsikotshop. I am not familiar of all the details of the speaker installed since its there already when I got this car (second hand). I will post back when I got all the details.

    Thanks, once again and indeed you help alot. Maraming salamat po.

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