Hi Tsikoteers,

I need some help On setting up my Subs and Amplifiers, coz I want a single Sub Setup with 1 amp for Sub and 1 amp for separates, What I need now is a Amplifier for the Separates, can you prefer a brand that is well know for its name and Quality? a 4 way Amp to drive my Separates and Mid,

Question #1: What would be the Difference if i installed an Amplifier for my Separates and Mid? btw, im using Blaupunkt Separates and Mid.

I also want to buy a 12" Kicker CompVR sub for my Rear but dunno if that is Ok or not, and is it ok to drive that Sub with a 2 way 1000w Amplifier?

Question #2: Could the sub be drive that way? dont answer if you'll tell me that it is, "Ok lng.." or "Kaya na yan" I want it to be Straight Yes, no hesitations, hehe, Also What Amplifier WOuld I Buy?\

Thanks guys, in Advance