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    Nov 2002
    guys, would just like to ask how to remove this irritating noise (of course without removing the speaker board itself). kahit ano gawin ko pagbaklas at pagbalik ayaw matangal e. i think i read it before sa kotse audio kung ano yung ginagamit na pang "soundproof" ba or something you put in between to "kill" the noise. help and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated. tnx in advance! :D

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    Oct 2002
    sakin nangyari na rin yan dati, found out na mahina na yung metal bracket dahil sa dami ng butas 4 the speakers. kaya gawa ko added4 long screws to fasten the speaker board steadily to the metal bracket nawala yung rattle.

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    Oct 2002

    i can help.

    2 options:

    (1) have ur stok rear deck board replace to rigid plywood or mdf board atleast 3/8 inch thick then fix it with several screws on the metal sheet of ur rear deck.

    (2) install damping material between metal sheet and board.

    come to my shop and il show u wat damping material is.


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    Nov 2002
    sorry, ngayon ko lang naalala na may post pala ako dito (tagal na panahon, ngayon ko lang naalala)..

    ntenz, san shop mo? yun ang hinahanap kong solution, maghanap ng lining between speaker board and metal.. tnx!:D

Help sa rattle ng speaker board ng aking kotse