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    Nov 2002

    ano sa tingin nyo ang TARGA 12" subs?? ok ba ito or hindi?
    kasi meron na akong 10" tube subwoofer, eh balak kong mag palit ng subs,

    malambot ba ang bayo ng TARGA?? or Alam nyo ba kung papano palalambutin ang tunog??

    may suggestion ba kayo sa low budget set-up???

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    Oct 2002
    Targa Subs are very good subs within their price range. Performance wise, they would deliver the low freqs you will need. Make sure that the box size is correct, as with any subwoofer wrong box configuration will give negative results. during the break in period it's normal for a subwoofer to be be matigas but eventually lalambot din ito. also take note of the crossover point you will set. setting your cutoff point high will make your sub produce up to midbass sound range but will sound matigas. crossing it at the right crossover point will make it sound softer.


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