Good day guys.

I don't see any thread with regards to reviews on flat subs or under-the-seat subs. I'm planning to add some nice thumpin' sounds inside but I'm not into big enclosures or subs/amp inside the trunk. I wanna hear it first hand inside the cockpit just right behind me (or under me as the case may be), good enough for the ears to enjoy the music playing, small enough to hide and budget-wise enough to buy.

Guys, what do you make of this flat subs or under-the-seat subs? The size fits my requirements but how about the sound, brand or the price? Any comments about your experiences with these? Or can some of you provide some links comparing flat subs that are available in our market (eg. NBN, V12, Lightning Lab)? Or should I go with the cute little 8" tube subs?

Comments are very much appreciated. Thank you! =)