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    Dec 2003
    elegant yet sporty..fogi!

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    Oct 2002
    Aprub! :D

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    Sep 2003
    i want mine black

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    Oct 2004
    Black din po kuya!!!

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    Oct 2002
    check it out.

    "BMW's newest 3.0-liter inline six weighs 22 pounds less than its predecessor. It's more fuel-efficient and compact, too. At 255 hp, it's not the most powerful engine in its class, but it revs like a demon and delivers a meaty torque curve"

    If you see this face (BMW in picture) in your rearview mirror, better switch lanes and let 'em by... BMW's new 330i BMW is fast, agile and hungry for attention.

    Both 325 and 330 come with 3.0 I6 engine (no more 2.5)

    I like one. grrrrr yum yum yum. I'll watch out for the X ( pam pa fogi, chick magnet)
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    Oct 2002
    on a related note, they will soon release the 130i equipped with the same engine!

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    May 2004
    [SIZE=3]BMW tempers styling in redesigned 3 Series[/SIZE]
    By Christine Tierney, The Detroit News, MARCH 1, 2005

    GENEVA BMW is taking the safe road for once. After polarizing buyers with the radically redesigned 7 Series and 5 Series sedans, the German automaker is taking pains to ensure its new 3 Series retains the wide appeal that's made it the world's best-selling luxury car.

    With the new, fifth-generation 3 Series sedan, which was unveiled Tuesday at the auto show here, BMW has tempered some of the styling and high-tech flourishes that have ruffled its fans. The contemporary but clean lines of the compact four-door are unlikely to spark controversy.

    "With the 3 Series, they've made a real effort to pull back," says Peter DeLorenzo, founder and publisher of "It's clearly an evolutionary design, not meant to jar hard-core BMW fans."

    "Our expectation for the new 3 Series is to set a new benchmark in its class, as we did with the current model," says Wolfgang Epple, project director for the car.

    The 3 Series accounted for more than a third of BMW's global 2004 sales of 1.25 million and more than 40% of BMW-brand sales.

    In the USA, BMW sold more than 100,000 3 Series sedans, coupes and convertibles in 2004, leading in a segment crowded with rivals, including Mercedes C-class, Audi A4, Acura TL and the Lexus IS and ES cars.

    After the 7 Series launched in Germany in 2001, critics savaged its chunky trunk and baffling iDrive system, packed with 700 functions ranging from temperature to suspension settings. In a face-lift version of the 7 Series, also on display here, BMW has tweaked the lines of the trunk.

    Epple says the 3 Series' more subdued design partly reflects the vehicle's middle position in the model range. In terms of styling, "It's not as close to the 7 Series as it could be that was a decision."

    The 3 Series will be available with a wide choice of engines, including two six-cylinder offerings in the USA, and six-speed manual or automatic transmissions.

    It accelerates faster than its predecessor, going from zero to 60 mph in just under 6.3 seconds but is about 5% more fuel-efficient because the engine is constructed using lighter metals, such as magnesium.

    The iDrive system, standard in the 5 and 7 Series cars, is offered as an option on the 3 Series. The starting price is expected to remain close to the current $30,000.

    In addition to the sedan, BMW will introduce a 3 Series station wagon later this year, a redesigned coupe in 2006, a new convertible and a high-performance M3 in 2007.

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    May 2004

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    Oct 2002
    mild styling's only mildly ugly instead of really ugly

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by M54 Powered
    mild styling's only mildly ugly instead of really ugly
    :hihihi: indeed nga!

    bad trip yung front, pero mabangis ang side.

    mabagsik ang model before that, 2004 ba?

    now, this is what I call the Bavarian design

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The all new BMW 3-series