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    Jun 2005
    I received an email from ENSOGO about Ziebarts promo. Prices are:
    Category: Regular Price: Promo Price:
    Small size vehicle P5,800 P2,900
    Medium size P7,300 P3,650
    Large size P9,700 P4,850
    I was "forced" to buy 2 coupons for my 2 cars.
    As of this writing, there are 132 who availed. What do you think? Is it a good deal?
    I know there's lots of discussion and comparison here with Big Bert's.
    But with this promo price, what do you think?

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    Jun 2006
    yeah saw it on FB too. i think maganda ng deal yun kukuha din sana ako but unfortunately need to get my laptop repaired. kaya laptop na muna siguro naman may mga ganyang offer pa din naman in the future.
    anyways sa mga gustong magavail register kayo dito Ziebart Diamond Gloss Paint Protection at 50% off you'll be redirected to ensogo site.

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    Mar 2011
    bos,dun ba sa EWnsogo na voucher for ziebart,kung magkano yung price sa voucher e yun lang babayaran for that specific offer or product??or may babayaran ka pang iba?

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    Aug 2008
    To be honest, the reviews I've read on their Diamond Gloss paint sealant aren't too complimentary - it's not even as durable as sealants you can buy and apply yourself. If you leave that out of the equation, you're left with a fairly overpriced exterior detailing service - and you have to hope that their detailers are good at what they do, rather than hacks with rotaries (which is the more likely possibility...). For the price, I'd rather go to a reputable detailing shop, have an exterior detail done, then buy a durable wax or sealant and apply periodically myself, for not much more than the "sale" price.

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    Mar 2005
    Haha Hacks with Rotaries! Ang motto ba nila " Pwede na yan"? hehe dami ko nakikitang shops na ganyan.

    How does the Dimond Gloss compare tothe klasse twins?

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    Aug 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by jmpet626 View Post
    Haha Hacks with Rotaries! Ang motto ba nila " Pwede na yan"? hehe dami ko nakikitang shops na ganyan.

    How does the Dimond Gloss compare tothe klasse twins?
    I've never tried it , but reading over on Autopia (taking into account the differences in service here and over there), the detailing aspect isn't anything to write home about - not surprising, since their main business seems to be rust-proofing. Here's an old post (circa 2003) by theveed over on Autopia:

    Ziebart has pretty much taken a monopoly here in Manila in terms of paint protection "services" until Valugard (an AutoInt partner or something) came in a couple of years ago.

    A lot of brand new car dealers here are tied up with Ziebart, hence, a lot of new car owners are suckered into the "paint protection" marketing of not needing any paint maintenance for a year...

    The price hovers around 6000-9000 pesos here, so that's around 100-170 USD (labor is cheap here hehe)... While the average detailer charges the range of 2000-3000 for a full exterior detail.

    Ziebart locally doesn't even detail the car, they just buff the paint with a wool pad or a cutting foam pad, then spray on the "Diamond Gloss" then buffs it off with a rotary again.

    They market it in a way like an extra clearcoat or something...

    Guess what, so far, my shop has been in operations for 4.5 months and in that timeframe, I have had at least 6 customers with cars aged around 8-15 months who has "religiously" adhered to the once a year reapplication...

    ALL (not some, not most) of them had acid rain etches that are as deep as an unprotected car paint... All of them necessitates either a wool pad or compound (or both) to remove... Now where's the protection that they claim?

    A wax will not last 3 weeks here in Manila, on a dark car, be glad with 2 weeks...

    IMHO it's a fraud the way these companies markets such products... I offer Klasse to my clients and offer then a 3 month warranty as long as they didn't wash it with harsh laundry soap (very common here), rub it with compound (again, another very common "solve all" solution here)...

    Diamond Gloss looks quite good, it's obviously a synthetic, it makes the car look like it has 5-10 coats of SG on it... It feels thick (like SG)... But no way it can last 1 year (their warranty is 5 YEARS!!! sure sounds like an infomercial product)...

    One client told me that his sister had all 3 brand new cars "Diamond Coated" by Ziebart, all black... All 3 of them had tons of swirls and acid rain etches within 3 months.

    Of course... 98% of the car owners out there don't really care about swirls and stuff...
    And another one by Charlie (Shiny Lil Detlr), an experienced detailer in the US:

    OK this is a bigtime rant as I just picked up my blazer from them, they re-did the gold shield rust protection and the package included a full interior/exterior detail.

    1) When I pulled up, I immediately noticed that they had some of the rust proofing undercoat all over the tires, and the vinyl dressing they used on the door handles was all over the paint surrounding them (I'll go out and take pics in a few minutes)

    2) When I went in, the guy gave me an attitude of, "well its freshly detailed, don't expect total perfection..." (I was thinking, "well I could've done a better job myself, and would have had it not been for the fact that I can't do the undercoating myself)

    3) When he came out to "fix" the problems, he brought one rag (already dirty) and a bottle marked "IPA 50/50." Before I could say anything he was going after the tires taking off the undercoating overspray (as well as the tire dressing at the same time) and next darted up to the door handle WITHOUT EVEN TURNING THE RAG! and cleaning the paint arround it. (note he was spraying the IPA while doing this..) so whatever poly sealant they did put on the paint was now long gone, and he was leaving swirls behind on this freshly polished paint job.

    Anyways, the detail is not exactly what I would call high quality, the rustproofing looks thorough enough, but the rest.... ick.

    So I guess tomorrow I get to re-detail over their mistakes, huh??
    You can find a bunch more with a search, hehe

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    Sep 2011
    I also got an email from ensogo offering this deal. They claim that you will never have to wax your car again? And does anyone know more info about this "paint protection film" aside from Diamond Gloss?

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    Jan 2014
    I think i wasted 10k on ziebart its impossible to last for 6 motnhs and pay 3k every 6 months after!!. They say it is easier to remove stains heck the stain on my 2 month old vehicle has been sitting there for 1 week already ayaw matanggal should I can ziebart.