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    Nov 2002
    i have been a "luker" for quitesometime now and have learned a lot from your posts.

    Am sure that all of you are aware that wax protects the paint, but my latest experience emphasizes this point to the extreme so here it goes.

    I was trapped in a traffic at Pasay and while texting (full stop kami) I heard a short "thud" sound and then saw in my side mirror a bike na sumemplang. I thought that the biker hit a rock or something, so nung nag go na, I proceeded as if nothing happend. To my surprise, when I was gassing up later, I saw a parallel lines on 2 panels of my van which appearls like gasgas :cry: But when I tried to rub it off, to my surprise, sumama yung "gasgas" like a web or thin thread.

    Apparently, the bike's handle hit the side of the van and the handle scraped the wax :D . I immediately rewaxed it and now it appears as if parang walang nangyari! Ofcouse kung sisipatin mo ng maigi, andun pa rin but that is good enough for me considering na talagang mahabang gas gas yung una kong nakita!

    So the wax really protected my paint :D . By the way, I glazed the van and then topped it off with 3m wax before and after the incident.

    It really works! :D

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    Oct 2002
    You lucky guy, that's awesome! Way to go, wax!

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    Nov 2002

    pwede malaman kung ano WAX gamit mo

    thanks in advance

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    Oct 2002
    wow...sure ka wax yon dude? astig ah....what wax do you use?
    :?: :?: :?:

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    Nov 2002
    baka rubbing compound hehehehe:lol:

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    Nov 2002
    lucky me talaga! Welp, i think it was the wax that was scraped.

    Paging the detailing gurus if this theory is correct.

    by the way i used glide on glaze and topped it off with 3m wax 1 week earlier.

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    Oct 2002
    Well, while waxes or sealants never claim to reduce potential damage from impact-related incidents, the concept of such products being a "sacrificial layer" for the paint still holds true. It all depends on the "angle of attack" of the impact, if it's a flat surface to flat surface contact, chances are the scratch will be shallow/light... if the object of impact is soft, paint won't chip off, etc etc etc...

    But surely, having an extra layer of protection will help, however minimal it may be.

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    Oct 2002
    anong wax ang gamit mo? I could certainly use that....:D

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    Nov 2002

    thanks for your reply. I guess, your are correct. Since daplis lang ang impact and a bike's handle is usually made of rubber rite? :wink:

    as mentioned, glide on glaze tapos 3m on top.

    by the way, I saw your van on the other thread, cool :D

wax will protect our paint indeed