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    Oct 2002
    For someone more interested in durability (length of time wax stays on as well as offering more protection) rather than ultimate depth/shine/gloss, what products would you recommend?

    A follow up question would be the exact opposite: which brands would you recommend for ultimate shine/gloss (albeit compromising durability/longevity)?

    Please limit your suggestions and recommendations of those products or brands that are available locally (none of that Souveran stuff, heheh).


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    Dec 2002
    for ultimate depth and shine, use a carnauba wax. i recommend meguiar's #26 high tech yellow wax. yun nga lang, ang hina talaga ng durability. kung very smooth yung surface ng car mo, it will last for 2 weeks max under normal conditions. pero kung halos umuulan everyday. mga 1 week siya.

    for durability, use a polymer wax. i think simoniz is a good brand. havent tried it though. i prefer waxing my car every weekend. i think theveed did a product review on simoniz if im not mistaken.

    hth :lol:

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    Oct 2002
    i second the motion

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    Nov 2002
    I normally use step 3 of the meguair's 3 step sysytme but I do a step 2 and 3 every 2 months but since there's sschool every time I have free time. I am pplanning to 2 step my car saturday morning.

    I think durable namn the wax of meguair's coz I haven;t had time to wax so I'v just been cleaning it, but when it rained kanina I saw that water was still beading. That means the wax protection was still there. SIguro 3 weeks na yan without wax...

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    Oct 2002
    Meg 26 HTYW is not a pure carnauba wax, it's actually a so called combo blend wax with high quality carnauba (yellow grade) and other synthetic polymers mixed in. It is one of the more durable waxes around.

    Your choices locally for good waxes include:

    Meguiar's HTYW #26 (Simex doesn't carry the paste version)
    Eagle One Pure Carnauba Wax (Paste)
    Mother's Pure Carnauba Wax (Paste)
    3M Show Car Wax (Paste)
    Soft99 Paste Wax (Rain repel ata yung tawag)

    Synthetic/Polymer (I mentioned it na sa kabilang thread)

    Kung durability lang habol mo, yung Simoniz na Liquid Diamond (3 or more coats) will last you a month (during the rainy season) and over a month (kung season like this). Yung red CRV na dinetail ko with Simoniz as top coat (2 coats lang yun) up to now ok padin... no stains and stuff padin.

    Pag ganito weather masarap, kahit #26 will last for a month or so...

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