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    Nov 2002
    i used tire black to dress my rubber moldings (sides) ... pero pag may wax, parang nawawala yung wax pag nadampian ng tire black. ... tama ba na unahin ko muna yung dressing for the black rubber before waxing (kasi minsan naman ayaw kumapit ng wax). :roll:

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    Oct 2002
    The way I do it is I wax first, then apply dressing to the side mouldings afterwards.

    When I wax, I'm not too concerned with getting wax on my rubber mouldings. So if I get some on it, I don't really care. Plus, there's a lot more paint surface vs. rubber moulding surface. I'm thinking of getting the car done as quickly as possible, so I spend more time on working on the bigger (painted) surface vs. the smaller rubber surfaces.

    After I've buffed the wax on the paint, I use Mother's Back-to-Black to both dress up the rubber mouldings, and to get the wax off them.

w/c 1st? dressing for blacks or wax?