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    Nov 2008
    im the latest victim of this paint shop... i already posted my complaints in a separate thread but just to make sure the message gets distributed, here's my recommendation...

    never, never, never have your car painted in this shop, the manager, paulo, doesnt know what customer service means, the quality is mediocre and you'll just end up paying more... panloloko na...

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    Feb 2006

    so sad na meron pa rin palang nalolokoko tong si paolo?

    up to now pag naalalala ko ginawa ng ~!*#$ na paolo na yan kumukulo dugo ko e.

    sus sana makarma na si paolo sa mga pinaggagawa niya sa mga past customers nya .

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    Nov 2004

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    Nov 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by j0hans0n View Post

    same here! baka sumakit ulo ko dito!

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    Aug 2009
    Requested groupon for a refund since sa telepono p lang for the schedule malabo at mahirap na silang kausap. Caution lang po for all.....

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    Oct 2009
    buti na lang nakapag search muna - i'm about to puchase Scrubby Coat Groupon deal

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    Mar 2012
    Same here, buy sana ko sa groupon, so nag google ako with intention to see if they have website which can detail how they do rustproof and voila, dito ko nag landing. Altho looks like they are still doing brisk business otherwise they should have changed name, note na this was complained here as early as 2006. Anyway, whether true or false feedback, i'd rather stay away. It's still better to pay the full price from a reputable shop than save a few pesos and end up paying more due to backjob related costs such as time and transpo costs, moreso emotional cost (inis-talo)

    Thanks to tsikot and members feedback!

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    May 2014
    Friend's and family if any of you are having plan's on bringing your car's at "Scrubby Coat" for any type of body repairs located at eagle's st. Right before sandoval bridge in ugong Pasig city. I would suggest you take your car to other repair shops..had a very bad experience with my fofi.i left my car for some body kit repaint and installation.along the process I had to remove my rear bumper's paint protection that was don by foil a car for 50k to have the whole body covered. Removing it revealed the fresh and scratch free paint of my rear bumper, the job was supposedly done Saturday last week april 26. The owner texted me at around 3pm so I went there to pick up the car. I was shocked and very disappointed upon seeing my car none of the kit was aligned properly silicone was used instead of 3M double sided tape, Screws that wer used had different heads,sizes and color and not bolted properly to the body (sali saliwa) may bumper had tons of deep and light scratches, same thing with the newly painted kits puro gasgas na hnd pa lumalabas sa facility nila.and the worst part of it all was my newly installed mags by East Side Wheels the day befor leaving my car to Them had gutter mark's and its deep. The owner took note of of all my complains and said it will all be taken care of and done after two day! Date today is may 4 Saturday exactly one week from the day it was promised done up to now nothing has been done. Except using 3M for the body kit. and spot repair on the scratches that are visible at any angle. was furious and disappointed called and texted the owner and didn't answer my calls.a few minutes had passed and he replied.

    Me:ung mags brandnew kakainstall lng bago ko dalin dyan. nung puro tama pati goma ano toh..paki check nmn release sken ganyan itsura ng auto malala pa nung hnd ko pa pinapagawa...

    Owner:2 beses na ginawa yan dahil maselan kyo pakimarkahan na lng ng tape yung complain nyo at pakisulat na lng yung gusto nyo mangyari di ko din maintindihan para malinaw na lahat. tx.

    Me:pao walang nasunod sa pinag usapan natin..ngaun ako maselan..kung ikw owner ng kotse dinala mo dyan para pagawa pag labas masmalala ano un...siningil m ako para sa 3m tapos hnd mo ginamitan? screw hnd nmn aabot yan ng 300 ngaun nakakabit ibaiba ulo..i aus m nmn..


    workers won't handle your car with car with care. no supper vision or what so ever to see status of your car almost everyone in the shop only sayas oo sila bahala aausin namin yan including the owner. I wouldn't recommend anyone that owns and love thier car to bring it there and go through all the bad and probably the worst body repair shop here in metro manila..

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    Aug 2012
    and Scrubby Coat strikes again..

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scrubby coat...good?