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    Feb 2006
    tama po si sir servo dito

    i am also a victim of the con of this shop

    yung white galant ko nga 2 months mahigit inabot tpos binalik p rin sa knila kso ganun p rin me mga tama p rin ,mga pinholes tpos worse pa me mnatutuklap n na paint !

    sa ngayon wla n ko balak ibalik p yung ride ko sa kanila bka lalong mabab*y yung finish

    and to think 30k p singil nila kasama latero works!

    wag n kyo pagawa dito !tama lang n wala n silang makuhang customer kung ganito din lang yung quality ng trabaho nila!

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    Oct 2003
    magalang naman pala yung me ari ng scrubby coat. ok na yan

    pero seriously, 2nd back job should be enough. don't complain sa pintor. ganyan ang mga ugali nyan. kung ano lang ang sinabi ng bisor yun lang ang gagawin. same with mga other laborer, (hindi naman lahat) pero "usually" wala silang pakialam. daming ganyan na paint shop. victim din po ako.
    kala mo sa una ang kintab then after 3 months nagiiba na yung kulay. wala na yung kinang. isang katutak sigurong turtle wax ang nilagay doon para lang kumintab.

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    Sep 2006
    ^^^ Grabe na nga yung second backjob eh. Isang backjob lang, dapat kuha na lahat.

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    Sep 2006
    Teka, nagreply daw ulit yung owner sa GT. Repost ko lang (galing din ito sa MyMitsu):

    My second time to visit the net... This week I am inviting you to go here at my newly developed grill. Pls reach me thru my office 6715646 or 09178221333. My address is at 104 Eagle St. Sandoval Bridge, Bo. Ugong Pasig City. I would like to meet you people, satisfied and unsatisfied with our paintjob, new or old client, Im posting not to advertise anything, I like to reach u guys. We have plenty parking spaces for you. We are open 5 o clock onwards and at least give me the honor to explain my side. You may bring your own food and drink if you want, or you may order on our menu. I promise i'll give you something for you to be comfortable. Ty and more power. GT members. Hoping that you may attend to what I offer.

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    Oct 2003
    di pa rin

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    Jan 2005
    is a grill supposed to solve the paint problem? heheheheh.

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    Jan 2005
    lemme just crosspost this here in case any of you guys know anyone who have really bad feedback about scrubby.

    i came across this from DTI's website. i have not yet read everything but you guys can browse this and if there is anything here that can help, by all means, please utilize it. good luck.

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    Jan 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by nugundam93 View Post
    apologies are good.

    actions to rectify it, even better.

    eto, binengga na siya ni servo_kit, napuno na. heck, if i were in his shoes, i would've done the same, if not more.
    tsk tsk, ngayon ko lang nabasa 'to ah?!? .. I know this guy pa naman, baet ito,.. di na napigilan,.. nagalit na!!! makamusta nga!!

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    Mar 2003
    Ano na balita dito? Yung thread sa Grupo Toyota nawala e. Baka ni-request ng Scrubby Coat na alisin. Kawawa naman yung mga nagparepaint dun na nagbayad ng malaki. Tsk tsk.

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    Nov 2008
    unfortunately, I was not able to read this before having my car painted in SCRUBBY COAT... so, nung 2006 pa pala to... damn, too late for me...

    now, i'm having problems with the said auto shop, esp with the manager/owner PAULO...

    my car is galant ss 91, full washover with repairs, totaling to P32k... medyo sulet naman - i thought, kase maraming napaayos at a package price, until nagreklamo ako for a paint defect sa hood, ngayon sinasabe nya na mag add ako ng P2.5k which is absurd kase warranty claim yon eh, sinasabe nya na para ma offset yung ibang mga pinasuyo ko - WTF...

    my recommendation, avoid this paint shop... quality is bad, service is poor... hinde customer oriented yang si PAULO... doesnt know what customer service means... sabihin ba naman na ABALA ako sa kanya - WTF...

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scrubby coat...good?