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    Feb 2004
    one test you can do when your car needs wax is that, when the surface does'nt feel like glass when you rub/glide your finger on the surface... or when water does'nt bead anymore...

    tama ba theveed?

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    Jun 2004
    regarding cleaner waxes like the one i use (mother's) is it true that it is bad for the paint if use it all the time as a regular wax, kasi d b it has abrasives? i noticed my red paint got better since using cleaner wax, much deeper yung color pero dont know the effect in the long run.... one more thing how long does cleaner waxes last on your paint compared to a pure wax?

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    Oct 2002
    Cardo: Yes and no... Beading doesn't directly correlate with the existence of the product. I'd say the height of the beads will have a better indication. Also, when applying QD sprays, a non-wax surface will most likely streak. As for the smooth as glass thing, with the pollutants that bond to the surface of our paint, it's not a good indication. The contaminants can bond onto the layer of wax/sealant itself and will not be smooth, but the wax is still there. It's not really something quantifiable - durability that is.

    alvin: cleaner waxes are NOT abrasive, they contain chemical cleaners not abrasives. Don't worry about it, most consumer line cleaner waxes are very mild and are very safe.

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    Aug 2003
    sir theveed ano ba maganda na wax para sa black color na oto at ano dapat na pamunas para maiwasan scratches.....

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    Oct 2002
    assuming prepped na paint po... black will look good with waxes with high quantities of fillers.

    3M Showcar Paste Wax
    Meg 26
    Meg 16
    Soft99 Authentic Gold

    Dami pa.

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    Aug 2003
    sir theveed san nakakabili ng sealant? and how much?

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    Apr 2004

    any liquid or something na pantanggal ng natuyong "mighty bond" sa paint before waxing it?

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    Oct 2002
    sir theveed,
    ano ba dapat gamit kong pang carwash sa black paint? pag hindi naagapan to, sigurado puro swirl marks ang kalalabasan. maselan pa naman ang black.

    daan na lang uli siguro ako sa shop mo, den pa tutor na din!

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    Sep 2003
    gamit ka ng fibre cloth sa carwash, wag ka pagamit ng chamois sa carwash.. mas mabuti pa siguro eh ipahiram mo na lang sa carwash boys yung mga basahan mo hehe

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    Aug 2003
    is it ok to wax your car even if it's not totally dry?

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