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    May 2004
    it is bad to wax your car weekly? thanks for the input

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    Oct 2002
    It is one of those mekaniko myths. It is not bad to wax your car weekly. It is good pa nga eh. Basta you know how to do it properly. Use a pure carnauba wax ie Mother's phase 3, Meg 26 or S100.

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    Oct 2002
    if done properly - it is not.

    but done haphazardly (like those kanto carwashes) - it could! they apply too much wax, leave wax on crevices, apply wax on the trim and even apply it improperly (the wax in, wax out myth).

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    Apr 2004
    hmmm... what kind of harm and what is the right method?

    I think the turtle wax directions just say...

    “Wash and dry car. Moisten applicator thoroughly and wring out excess water. Apply wax evenly with circular motion, one section at a time and let it dry to a haze. Wipe off with clean, soft cloth, turning frequently. Buff lightly for gleaming luster. Not intended for vinyl, simulated wood grain panels, metalized plastics, trim decals, or flat paint. Do not use in direct sunlight or if surface is hot to the touch.”

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    Mar 2004
    There's really no harm in the directions written on the Turtle Wax can.... However, there are lots of things that can go wrong if the proper precautions are not taken.

    For instance, washing the car is a very critical step. If a good wash mitt and car shampoo is not used, the dirt on the paint might not be properly loosened / cleaned and you'll end up introducing swirl marks on the paint.

    You'll find more info on the "right way to wax" by visiting the PAD forum at:

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    One more tip... don't use those "pranellas" or those worn out rags... unless you want scratches all over your car. Get one of those micro fiber cloths from BigBerts (May stock na ba Vince?)

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    Mar 2004
    Depende na rin yan sa kulay ng kotse mo.
    If you have light colored cars, then you can be a little more lax on the precautions... (pero you should still stay 1000 miles away from pranella and old t-shirts... :D)

    But if you have a dark colored should be a helluva lot more careful.

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    Jun 2004
    be carefull sa pag gamit wax, iba kasi may abreasive nakakapudpud ng paint surface..>>

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    Jun 2004
    carnuba OK yun pero kung madalas parang naiipon yung carnuba sa surface pag color white lumalabo kulay dumidilaw..>>

    OK siguro 1's a month

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    Dec 2003
    May question ako how about if you car is brand new..Can I wax it? Di ba it suppose to be 1 year after you car is brand new pwede na mag wax?..What can you say about this? Sabi kase sa kasa huwag muna mag wax...


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question about waxing your car?