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    Oct 2002
    peeps:: do you know of any company which sells and installs power moonroof units? I know that ziebart does this, but they dont have the model i want (with sliding cover).

    Could you please share your experiences and comments, particularly on install times and cost.... thanks


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    Oct 2002
    check out this link

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your interest in a Ziebart Sunroof. Ziebart, the largest
    installer of after-market sunroofs in the world, is pleased to quote th
    following prices.

    Sunroof Model:Price (VAT Inclusive)Electric Spoiler (20 x 32)P
    35,500.00Manual Pop-Up (17 x 32)P 15,000.00Cool Shade (20 x 32)P
    3,800.00Cool Shade (17 x 32)P 2,700.00
    The Ziebart Electric Spoiler Sunroof, is our fully automatic luxury
    model and made by Webasto of Germany, the world’s largest producer of
    quality automotive sunroofs. The Ziebart Manual Pop-Up Sunroof, is made
    in the USA by SFC, manufacturer of the most popular line of pop-up
    sunroofs in North America.

    All Ziebart Sunroof’s carry an unprecedented Lifetime ”NO LEAK, NO RUST“
    Guarantee that no one else can match. Both sunroofs have one-piece
    die-cast aluminum frames, which adds strength without sacrificing
    flexibility. Its 100% sponge silicon seals is impervious to moisture
    and heat that guarantees a long lasting ”no leak“ product. Set flush
    against the roofline, the tight radius corners and flush fitting frame
    gives your vehicle a sleek ”original equipment“ look. It comes with a
    high performance tempered glass for extra strength and safety that
    effectively blocks out more than 90% of the sun’s UV rays. All Ziebart
    Sunroofs are professionally installed for free by US-certified
    technicians in less than a day.

    For more information about our other products and services, please visi
    our web site at Thank you for this opportunity to be
    of service to you, by enhancing the look and increasing the value of
    your vehicle.

    Sincerely yours,
    Customer Service Manager

    (this was dated way back Dec. 2001)

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    Oct 2002

    My professor just had Ziebart install a power moonroof on his 4X4 Field Master. May sliding cover naman, ha. Webasto nga din ata ang tatak (OEM ang Webasto sa mga Benz and other Euro cars).

    Alternative: Buy a surplus Pajero roof tapos pakabit mo sa JCB sa may Mindanao Ave. But remember that the OEM moonroof of the Pajero is above the rear seats so parang wala ding silbi sa nasa harapan. Hehehe.
    Need an Ambulance? We sell Zic Brand Oils and Lubricants. Please PM me.

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    Oct 2002
    SunTzu:: Thanks Dude! :D

    Sir O:: I went to Ziebart-Pasig, wala sila kasi e nung meron cover :D
    Hehehe! loko nga mitsu no? Nilagyan ng super laki na moonroof, wala namang
    pakinabang satin mga driver :D Pang politician nga raw yun e :mrgreen: Yung Gen2 na Kick up roof, sa ibabaw ng driver yung moonroof. I think Webasto also makes moonroofs for mitsu... at least yung sa 2 door gen 2.
    Sir O, do you think its worth it? Medyo magibat kasi 40grand e so im
    really looking at all the pro's and cons. ty!

    ps:: parang ayaw ko operahin yung bubong ng auto :D Malaki masyadong trabaho and prone to rust.

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    Oct 2002
    I had a manual type sunroof installed in my previous car and it was worth it for me. It was about having fun and a sunroof was trip to have especially if you like to cruise around in your car with a cool song from your stereo system. Also the view up thru the glass of the sunroof is really a different perspective that normally you will not expect to see.

    Downside, the sunroof required to have one roof crossbrace to be cut off. I didn't think much about it then but thinking back, it might have made my car flex slightly more than if the brace wasn't cut.

    My opinion, get the manual type if budget it tight. Remember to buy the sunshade because the noon-day sun can be really hot even if the glass of the sunroof is tinted already.

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    Oct 2002

    For 40K, I'd rather have an upgraded suspension. 2" up na rear coils tapos torsion bar crank and 4 KYB gas shocks.

    Kaya pa kaya ng budget ang 32X12.5R15 tires. Mount na lang sa stock rims.
    Need an Ambulance? We sell Zic Brand Oils and Lubricants. Please PM me.

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    Oct 2002
    gwapo lang talga pag naka moonroof....

    but i agree also with sir otep,kung kaya mo naman pagsabayin, then go for it..

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    Oct 2002
    nikko m, ghosthunter::

    thanks for your comments guys! im more inclined to getting a manual moonroof, coz its a whole lot cheaper. besides, napaka-sariwa ng hangin dito sa Manila :lol: I just want to get a little sun in :D I'm not really concerned with body flex since im putting it in a pajero, where the body is just riding on top of a ladder chassis :D Most of the mods sir Otep mentioned were already done with my ride :wink: thanks again guys!

    sir Otep::

    Kwentahin natin :D

    2" Torsion bar adjustment = 500.00
    Wheel Alignment (Kelangan e) = 1,200.00 (Servitek! Very recommended)
    2" up coils = around 10,000.00 (Mine is OME pero 1" up lang)
    4 shocks = 16,000 (Mine is OME (again), dont know how much yung kayaba)
    four 32x12.5's = est 18,000.00

    grand total= 45,700!!!!!! Muntik na magkasya :mrgreen:

    bad trip! when i had my balljoints/ rod ends replaced, i actually LOWERED the front of my Paj! :? Mas maganda yung stance, but i dont know how i will fare on the 27th! Bahala na diyos sakin! hehehehe :lol:

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    Oct 2002
    inde b yan 22lo pag umulan????????????? :?:

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    Oct 2002
    thug_989:: Ziebart sunroofs are guaranteed against rust and leaks, lifetime! Im rather impressed with this :D

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