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    Oct 2002
    There were 7 JML Microfiber towels in Ace Hardware, South Mall. WERE. Heheh. I got all of them.

    HOWEVER, good news for people in the south:

    In Ace Hardware, Festival Mall, in the JML booth, go look at the Microfiber towels. It says P149. But, about two towels behind, then it's already P50. There are at least 30 towels there selling for P50.

    Two points:

    1. When I first went there about a week ago, the GUY said you can only get it if you get the P150 multi-purpose cleaner, and that you can only get one.

    2. Today, I went (after getting the 7 towels in South Mall), and there were 3 GIRLS there. I dunno whether they know about the promo or not (like the guy above), so I was a little hesitant. When I saw some guys walk over there, they started demo-ing the vacuum, mop, etc... I figured, that was my chance. Out with the two P150 towels, and I dug in and got 6 towels at P50 each.

    Tapos, takbo sa cashier para magbayad. heheh.

    Tip: the Ace Hardware people wear white shirts with RED vests. The consigners (such as JML) wear white shirts with MAROON vests. I.E. The REDS don't know that you have to get the cleaner to avail of the P50 price for the towel, so avoid the MAROONS. Heheh.

    Moral of the story: either shop with someone (and make that someone be demoed on by the staff), or time it properly when they're not there.


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    Oct 2002
    PAD members may avail a group buy price of JML towels as well... Courtesy of Carnovice. 0&ID_Message=1455&LastModified=46754014640 07720116

    I have quite a bit of these hehe... 0&ID_Message=1362&LastModified=46754013068 40432484

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    Nov 2002

    Yung sa Filinvest ba JML pa din, yung sinasabi mong katabi??

    Well, mukhang sanay ka magsalisi sa mga Consigners dun ha!!! hehehe

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    Oct 2002
    Kita ko yung sa Ace Mega... mukhang nakatimbre na... ayaw magbigay nung
    consigner ng di bumibili nung paste... o baka hindi ko lang kinulit? :oops:

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    Nov 2002
    are these jml towels better than the terry towels sold at meguiars

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    Oct 2002
    Bossing: The towels sold at Meguiar's are generic terries... MF towels are totally different... Terries like the ones in Meg are kinda disposable, general use towels, MF are more for buffing and product removal. They last a lot longer... Visit or for more info nalang.

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    Nov 2002
    Just bought 6 pcs at SM Bacoor. Just told the guy that I got some from Mega, baka pwede din sa kanya, then ayun na yung magic word, sabay tanong na yung guy, ilan daw kunin ko. hehehe

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    Dec 2002
    got 4 from ace megamall...

    yung mom ko pinabili ko... nung una bumili rin muna sha ng magic cleaner with it...

    then yung second batch... nakinig lang sya dun sa mga nagsasalita... pinalitan na lang nila ng price tag... bumili rin sya ng button repair kit worth P20...

    basta show interest in their other products and wag straight to the point... :lol:

JML Microfiber