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    Aug 2008
    my bro in law wants to have his car repainted a different color, but then he's abroad so im not quite sure how to go about processing the papers at LTO. will his appearance be required or can i process the papers for him or will an authorization letter do? are there any car shops that can assist me in the processing of the registration.

    registration of the car btw is due by january, but i know we need to process the changes at LTO.

    please i need answers asap as he wants to have the car painted this september.


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    Oct 2002
    ang alam ko wala ng change color ngayon sa LTO eh. but not sure ha? pero, he does not need to be there personally nor for you to have an authorization letter needed. kailangan mo lang ng OR/CR and the TMG clearance.

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    new CR wala nang color indicated,e...

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    Quote Originally Posted by alwayz_yummy View Post
    new CR wala nang color indicated,e...
    so no need na pa change color sa LTO??di ko napansin sa cr ko ah..o sa mga bago lang???

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    maybe if your CR is new and no color indicated, then you can change it anytime u like? tama ba?

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    sa OR ko nakalagay yung color. wala na sa CR.
    i think you still need to process change color sa LTO. all you need is the CR/OR and TMG clearance. hindi na kelangan nandun yung me ari. pwede na iba ang maglakad basta kumpleto papeles. some paint shops include this on their services

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    Oct 2010
    kapag hood lang po change color pinaparehistro pa ba?

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    Quote Originally Posted by y0sheej View Post
    kapag hood lang po change color pinaparehistro pa ba?
    Di na, same with the trunk. Body color ang importante.

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