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    Aug 2003
    any tips/areas of the car i should check first? a friend's company car got repainted kasi for an insanely low price, even for a corolla. from initial looks, mukhang ok naman ung work, and they even fixed the small dents and bumps on the hood. i was rather impressed, pero nagduda ako sa bill -- which was way below 20k.

    dunno what paint they used though; i can only assume ung cheaper ones -- company car kasi

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    the best way to check is to look at it under a florescent or any other high intensity light source, check for holograms, swirls, paint overspray to name a few.

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    Oct 2002
    well, ang defects will not clearly show sa usual spots that you look at.

    You check:

    1) The seams where they tape the moldings/emblems/weatherstrip. If panget ang pagtape at kita mo yung line, tutuklap yan.

    2) Check mo yung shade kung pantay ang texture.

how to check repainting job