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    Oct 2002
    Arrrgghhhh, natapon yung mango shake ko sa oto, nasagi kasi:mad: Now I've got mango shake on the carpet of the front passenger side, sa singit nung upuan, tsaka sa mat! I work here sa GT tower. Meron bang malapit lang dito na kaya mag-shampoo or something? Okay sana kung maayos na today, baka kasi langgamin eh!

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    Oct 2002
    What's GT tower?

    Do what you can to keep things in check first. grab several thick towels or cloth and pick up as much solids (ice/smush) as you can, then LIGHTLY dab to absorb excess liquid.

    DO NOT RUB OR PRESS THE SPILL! it'll just make things worse.

    Make things easier by getting the area shampooed and carpeted. Kung emergency just get a strong vac and suck most of the liquids out first. It'll be a little sticky, but at least it'll buy you time till you visit a detailing shop (or even a good gas station)

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    Mar 2004
    pavaccum mo na lang sa may shell

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    Mar 2004
    Theeved is right.

    Just get a damp chamois and one that is dry. If there is excessive "mango shake" in the carpet, allow the dry chamois to absorb the liquid. After draining the excessive"shake" from the carpet, use the damp chamois to wipe out the remaining "shake".

    This process does not guarantee that the smell will go away... but it will sure contain it until it completely dries out.

    If you are at home... just get the handy old toothbrush... put a small amount of joy and scrub lightly. Wipe the soapy portion immediately so that it doesn't sip into the foam under the carpet. This will remove the shake particles.... =)

    If you are looking for a quick fix........
    Around makati, you might want to try the new Ansons Motor Shop, Shell station and Petron gas station along EDSA.

    Cheers dude... it happens everyday to a lot of motorists.... =)Hope this helps.... =)
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HELP: Spilled mango shake on my ride!!!