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    Oct 2002
    When I bought my new car... This little can of Acrylic Automotive Finish came with it...

    I'm just curious as to what is it's true use and purpose... as well as how to apply it on to your car...

    thanks in advance for the help... :P

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    Oct 2002
    it's by Nippon Paint by the way...

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    Oct 2002
    touch up paint yan probably... if ever you have a small nick or chip, you can use that to touch up the paint... most new cars come with a small can of paint

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    Oct 2002
    yup the best is spot painting go to your suking shop ang let them paint, or if ur a DIY guy mix the paint with acrylic thinner then spray it on
    make sure naka sand and primer yung surface before spraying

    eto po ang procedure sa acrylic or 1K based
    1. metal sheet
    2. epoxy primer then sandpaper
    3.body filler then sand if necessary
    4.putty if necessary then sand
    5.acrylic primer then sand
    6.color then sand
    7.topcoat then sand using pinaka manipis sand paper

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    Oct 2002
    thanks for the info peeps...

HELP!!! How do you use Nippelac Acrylic Automotive Finish?!?