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    Jan 2007
    Looks good and cheap too...

    Php < 200 i think sa Handyman. Am getting 2 siguro for buffing and shampooing.

    [SIZE=4]Fuzzy Wuzzy Microfiber Mitt[/SIZE]

    This dual function and double sided Microfiber Mitt fits comfortably on the hand and is perfect for a wide variety of cleaning tasks. Microfiber is a superior cleaning material. Each synthetic fiber acts as if it is magnetically charged to attract negatively charged dust particles. Dust, dirt, and lint cling to the loops and lift off from any surface. Use the Fuzzy Wuzzy to dust your home interior, car interior, and even around the house. Used dry, it is a dust magnet. With a little cleaner, it also removes fingerprints and smudges.
    There is no need for detergents. Fuzzy Wuzzy is washing machine safe. It can be used over and over again with the same stunning results. The Fuzzy Wuzzy mitt can be used on virtually any surface. In the kitchen, in the bathroom, to clean windows, mirrors and more.

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    Jun 2007
    mukang ok to a hehe

    try ko rin gumamit nito, meron din sa ACE hardware

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    Sep 2007
    makabili nga din ng masubukan.. mukhang ok sya gamitin pang-shampoo ng tsikot kasi parang gloves..

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    Oct 2006
    Feedback na lang po sa mga naka gamit na.

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    Oct 2002
    nakikita ko rin to.. mukhang ok nga. feedback naman sa mga nakagamit na. thanks

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    Mar 2006
    ok ba siya? kumusta naman ang performance?

Fuzzy Wuzzy Microfiber Mitt