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    Jul 2010
    Hi guys I would just like to share my frustrations on my car's paint getting a few scratches and small chipped paint. It's been a year and a half already since I've acquired my car (Brandnew Nissan Navara) and I've taken a lot of precautionary measures on keeping it looking like new, heck I almost always park the car where no one can intentionally touch it but to my very best of keeping it like new, I still gets these paint imperfections. BTW I wash my car personally using the proper tools and techniques and still scratches and chipped paint pops out of no where! Though they are quite small and can be spotted if you look at it closely, it really bothers me to have those despite the efforts I have on taking care of my car.

    As I observe these other cars (latest models, if you must know), it looks like they have a pretty much flawless paint by looking at it in a fair distance and I'm quite sure that 80-90% of these cars I see are in the min. to an average car paint care regimen.

    Is it really inevitable keeping the car's paint flawless? What are your thoughts, experience, comments on this?

    Your reply would be much appreciated.

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    Aug 2011
    Aside from the usual washing, you should also wax your car to protect it from harsh elements.

    Applying Microtex NanoSil, Microtex NanoGlos and NanoSliq would be a good start.

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    Oct 2008
    It Is an uphill battle having a detailer's eye for your car. The universe is against it. Paint will accumulate dirt. Prompt cleaning will prevent dirt from clinging hard on the paint. Scratches come from contact. Cleaning requires contact, the more frequently you clean, the more contact. Proper technique notwithstanding, scratches will happen and add up from time to time. The balance will tilt from care to convenience. Not to mention flying debris, pebbles, and sand while driving and careless and malicious people around.

    Chill or suffer bodily damage from mental stress as well, if not from the physical exertion. Health first, your own body first, all other things next. Improving the performance of your car? Your body first. Giving the best fluids for your car at a strict schedule? Strict diet and nutrition for your body first.

    You'd be amazed how car paint would appear flawless in certain angles and light. A sun shot dispels all these optical illusions. Leisurely compare cars at the same distance and angle and with a similar color. Detailed cars stand out. Details big and small make it so. Step back from your well maintained car paint and most certainly it has a warm glow and a deep shine to it compared to less cared for cars.

    Keep at it.

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    Feb 2008
    Dear TS, don't be stressed out because of paint scratches and chips. It's not healthy. Its inevitable. You are using your car so it will get scratches, dents, chips etc..If you don't want your car to get scratched, do not use it.

    I felt like that before until I made a realization. I have an 8 month-old car. It's my first brand new car so I treated it like a baby for the first couple of months. It's hard work to maintain it. I also wash it myself. problem is I don't have covered parking so car is exposed to elements. First few scratches courtesy of kids playing around the car. Just bought some touch up paint and applied to scratch using toothpick.

    Then came small dents, had it repaired by a PDR expert..I waxed it weekly..engine detailed and under washed monthly. I realized that I'ved been spending too much time, money effort on my car that I overlooked other important things in my life. I began to accept that as long as I'm using the car, it will get scratched. Don't get me wrong, I still take care of my car but I don't stress myself out about it the way I used to.

    Sabi nga ni misis, kaya mo nga binili yan eh para gamitin at ma-enjoy at hindi para iparada sa garahe sa takot na magasgasan. I admit it, may point siya. Hehehe.


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    Driving in the Philippines is considered extreme, due to our weather and environment, so it is practically impossible to keep your car scratch free unless you leave it in your garage and use it only on weekends going to the grocery.

    What you can do is keep your car clean, with a weekly wash, and wax it once a month or so.

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    Nov 2005
    I feel you bro.
    My car is less than a year old and I've already got scratches from who knows where.
    Then i've got 2 tiny dimples (but they seem like craters to me) an my passenger side. I blame the people who don't know how to open their doors properly at parking lots..the ones who for some reason have to extend the door as far open as it possibly can. I started parking next to nice looking cars (detailed cars, or luxury cars) or jeeps (because they have no doors hehe), or at the end where no cars can park at one side of my car.

    And tama ung Misis ni BlackSun. Very good point

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    Jan 2009
    It's inevitable. The paint job is part of the wear and tear. You can only minimize the effect of aging and can only do so much in preventing it from getting scratched. But in the end, it will incur some damage, one way or the other.

    I've also been through the Kübler-Ross model... The five stages of grief.

    Acceptance stage na ako ngayon.. :D "I can't fight it, I may as well prepare for it."

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    Jul 2010
    Thanks guys. After reading your posts, I felt good na. It's nice to know that all of you share the same grief with me (Parang broken hearted. Haha)

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    Feb 2011
    nakakakguilty din sa una kapag nagasgasan or may bunggo. pero it is inevitable. your skill is a factor, plus skill and attitude of other car owners / drivers. pero kung masyado iisipin yang mga scratches and chips na yan eh magiging stress lang sa ating mga owners / drivers yan. basta mag ingat na lang tayo at kung may mangyari man hindi maganda ipaayos na lang sa tamang oras.

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    Aug 2008
    It's going to happen on any daily driver. I keep my car well maintained, use proper washing techniques, apply brand-name sealants and waxes, and clean and clay the paint. I've also got a bunch of rock chips (I know where each one is), a long scratch along the driver side front and rear doors (deliberately keyed by an asshole at MOA), a dent on the passenger side fender (got hit by an idiot in a WRX), and a small ding on the driver side rear door (useless kids who banged the door of their car open against mine). I know each flaw with the car, but I've learned to just live with it - I'll try and get most of it fixed end of the year, but stressing about it all the time just won't do any good.

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Despite all the care I give to my car.. Still gets scratched/chipped!