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    Oct 2002
    I had my hood repainted thrice already bcause i could not get rid of those f*ckin spots on the hood! nung 2nd time pinaint yung hood hindi tinanggal ung old paint so naiintindihan ko kung bakit bumula un kasi naluto ung old paint. pero nung 3rd time na pinaint pina scrape to metal ko to. nung pagkalabas ok naman sha. kala ko after nun wala na ok na ang buhay ko. pero anak ng p*ta bumalik nanaman! naiinis na ako. wat will i do? will i have to have the car washed over agen? cud this be beacuse of the materials they use? they used nippon acrylic. wat do u think guys? di ba talaga maganda acrylic?could having the car stay in sunlight for a long time be a big factor? how can i remedy this without going back to the paint shop? any recommendations? if i have to have the car redone any good paints shops to recommend. sana ung di naman ganun kamahal. coz im on a tight budget eh. thanks! hope u guys can help me. thanks!

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    Oct 2002
    hmmm na scrape to metal mo na eh???

    back job yan pre!

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    Oct 2002
    i agree tol.

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    Oct 2002
    Dude, don't blame the paint first... I think what has happened could be incorrect painting methods... Maybe the paint layers didn't get enough time to cure in between coats. When each coat starts to cure, solvents and gasses are released... if the gasses werent able to fully escape (and another paint layer sets in), pinholing is usually the result.

    Unfortunately, in most cases, these symptoms don't appear until 3-6 months after where the paint is almost at its full cure...

    I suggest you consult a reputable paint shop (like the ones in shows) for their opinion...

AArgh! Spots on the Hood keep on coming back!! WTF!?