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    Quote Originally Posted by lowslowbenz View Post
    So, for example in a "cold" BMW engine, if I open the coolant reservoir cap, do I risk losing pressure in the cooling system?
    No, there is no pressure when cold.

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    So in theory halos parehos lang di ba?

    Sealed cooling systems yan. I do not know why other people term it as "pressurized"

    Euro cars need bleeding because they have heaters, which use engine coolant to provide heat. Maraming hoses and plumbing involved in the cooling systems of euro cars, kaya kailangan mawala ang hangin sa loob para hindi ka mag overheat due to lack of coolant on an improperly bled cooling system.

    Another term we use is to "burp" the system. Open the coolant reservoir cap and let the engine run with heater on for a period of time.

    See here: Cooling System Bleeding

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    sa toyota d4d may bleeder screw/cap/plug or something sa ibabaw ng radiator iirc, pede din doon magsalin kaya lang plastic made yata.

    baka nga puro air pocket yung issue ni TS, kaya lang parang ang dami.

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Is this normal? Nagbabawas water sa coolant reservoir