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Apple Electric Car News and Conceptual Design

apple electric car

Apple Electric Car

The electric car will be the renaissance of the car industry. Technology that allows for autonomous driving will be a revolution for private commuting. In addition to the environmental benefits such as less pollution and less noise, electric cars are also going to create independence from the oil industry.

Based on the disruptive and innovative nature of the electric-autonomous car, Apple will be an inevitable contestant for this new market. It is known by now that Apple is working on an electric car project in California. The future car has been branded by the industry ‘iCar’, even though Apple has abandoned the ‘i’ on its products since the Apple Watch.

It has been reported that Apple has been recruiting engineers from Tesla and Google. The tech giant has also being trying to secure GoMentum Station in San Francisco, and transform the former naval base into a high security testing area for its electric vehicle.

At this stage, the project is kept highly confidential. Tim Cook reportedly signed off on the Apple electric car project in 2014. Hundreds of engineers have been quietly working on the project at an office building in Sunnyvale, not far away from the Apple main offices.

The website Carwow has released a conceptual design in a speculative attempt to illustrate how the Apple electric car may look like. BWM i8 and Tesla Model S inspired the design.

Apple Challenges

Apple expansion into the electric car market seems inevitable. The company has the funds, brand awareness and technology to make it happen. However, releasing a car that is engineering sound, roadworthy and able to convince the demanding motoring press that the new vehicle is high quality is a mission on its own.

Developing and producing a car from scratch is a very expensive, complex and time consuming exercise. One that was exclusive of the car manufacturer. Technology development and its applications to cars are opening doors to tech companies.

The slow and almost ignoring opportunity that the traditional car companies have had on the electric car, made possible for companies like Apple and Tesla to aspire for this market. GM (Chevrolet) developed an electric car back in the 90’s but the project was folded due to claims that the oil industry has lobbied against it. You can view more of this story on the film ‘Who killed the electric car?

Apple’s Position

Apple is in a good position to launch an electric car, and once again revolutionise the way we do things. Apple CarPlay system is in advanced stages and Apple CEO Tim Cook is suggesting the new system will become available on 40 new car models in 2016.

For now, Apple will remain strategically quiet about the prospect of the Apple Car. Industry specialists are claiming the Apple electric car will be available for consumers by 2020, however this is a tentative date. Hopefully one day we will see the Apple car for sale in the Philippines. When that happens you will be able to see all details about it in our comprehensive new cars guide.