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    The clutch packs might've been surplus. Wasn't paying attention too much. The filter I'm sure was bnew because the owner had to run off and buy it himself. When they were done they poured in 80 peso bottles of generic ATF. Hello repeat customer

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    Hahahaha! Like refilling a diesel truck's tank with the fuel drained from it after having to replace a clogged fuel pump.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    "define better."

    by my experience as an ordinary diver,
    "it does not matter, CVT or regular AT."
    i just step on the gas and my car moves.
    i step on the break if i need it to slow down or stop.

    i have a MT.
    the trans box has not shown any issue, even after more than 140K km of non-maintenance.
    i replaced the trans oil only once, after ondoy.

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CVT or Standard AT?