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Can the Philippines build a sports car? Meet the Aurelio


The Aurelio is the first Filipino designed and built sports car. With an European look, sharp curves, low-slung design, the Aurelio is becoming a source of pride in the Philippines. Although at its infant stages, the company, brand and product are promising.

For a country known for its stunning natural environment, hospitality and services and a still developing economy, it is truly unexpected that it can produce a sports car. The Aurelio has proven that it can, and it is a good-looking one.


Sports cars have been traditionally dominated by the German, Italian and Japanese makers and their reputable brands. However, its seems that right here in the Philippines, there is a bunch of entrepreneurs, investors and car enthusiasts who could put their mark in the sports car automotive segment.

Impressively enough the company claims that 80 percent of the parts and components are made in the Philippines. The engine, transmission, brakes and parts of the suspensions are imported. The car is a hand-made prototype at this stage.


The design resembles a combination of traditional super cars. The front fascia has a hint of Ferrari, while it scissor doors are similar to the McLaren P1. The overall look can easily be compared with a European made sports car. The package comes at a low price compared to its European counterparts: P1.6M (around USD35 thousand on the date this article was written).


Who is behind the Aurelio Sports Car?

The company, Factor Aurelio, is headed by the Aurelio brothers. They are young entrepreneur with a vision to change the Philippines automotive industry. Kevin and Brendan handle the internal mechanics and design, while Bryan, the middle brother, handles the business affairs. They are a promising team. The two prototypes were built in 3 months and financed by their parents.

Under the Hood

The Aurelio is available in 2 engine choices:

  • Honda B16A V-TEC engine
  • 2.0 liter Mitsubishi 4G63T turbocharged engine (the re-known Lancer Evo engine)

The Mitsubishi engine delivers a powerful 457 horsepower, propelling the car to top speed of 290 km/h.
Considering that the car is lightweight due to its mostly fiberglass and carbon fiber body, the engine provides a punch feeling acceleration.


Doors 2
Seats 2
Engines Honda B16A V-TEC engine
2.0 liter Mitsubishi 4G63T turbocharged engine.
Horsepower 457hp with the Mitsubishi engine.
0-100 kph Under 10 secs
Wheels 18-inch ROTA
Suspension VR4 (front and rear)
Price P1.6M (around USD35,000)

Watch the Introduction Video


There are some criticism about the quality of the vehicle and if it will pass road and safety standards and eventually make into the broader market. In addition, it is also argued that an unknown brand from the Philippines could have a hard time cracking into the prestigious sports car market, specially a category that has the brand reputation as important as the quality of the vehicle.

In saying that, at a low competitive price, the Aurelio could be working on something magic: manufacture a sports car that is affordable to a much larger market worldwide. And considering they are at very early stages, with proper investment and management the company could pull out a successful product. Whatever the outcome is, thumbs up to the Aurelio team.