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I saw sa you tube to use steel wool na 0000 grit na fine. I saw the said steel wool being sold sa olx for 600 pesos for a set of 10. Have been trying to contact the seller the past weeks wala pang reply. I wanted to try this sa car ko with the same wiper scratch problem.
Bought quad 0 steel wool from ace. Had to check out several branches before seeing one that sells it. 300 pesos pack of 16. Last year when I got it, only two branches had them. Ace market market and Ace Fisher mall. You'll be able to remove some light scratches but not all. Good thing is those water marks I have were somewhat removed. "Somewhat" because I tried it on an old windshield so there's lots of them. I haven't done another round but I might again to see if I could totally remove them.