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    The purpose of installing RFID is defeated. Parang Cash basis na din if you need to pull out the card every entry and exit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by makelovenotwar View Post
    Sorry for this stupid question....

    Maaapektuhan pa rin ba yung windshield-installed RFID sticker kung maglalagay ng Vkool tapos bubutasan lang dun sa part na may RFID sticker?
    Should be ok. I hope magaling lang yung mag cucut ng hole for the RFID. Nakaka OC pag hindi flush yung tint sa sticker hehe.

    VK lang yata yung may metallic content na tint ng Vkool. Yung OEM nila wala naman problem sa RFID.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razor Sharp Man View Post
    Still related to car tint so here goes..

    I'm not that knowledgeable about the RFID toll systems but aren't each RFID installation also provided with a RFID enabled card in case the headlight or windshield sticker can't be picked up by the reader?

    This is of particular interest to me since I'm planning on changing my tint and I'm willing to resort to pulling out an RFID card just so I don't have to put a hole in my tint or have the RFID sticker on my headlight.
    that is correct, sir.
    i have had occasion to pull out my plastic card and have the toll attendant scan it with their scanning gun, because their remote reader couldn't seem to read my windshield sticker that is pasted onto the bare, untinted windshield glass.
    it is strange, because the other tollgates that i pass thru in the same trip, could read my rfid, naman. also, the verysame reader that couldn't read it previously, was able to read it the next time.
    and no, there is no bird poop on the windshield. heh heh.

    by personal experience, pulling out that card is an annoying hassle, and is made even more annoying, when there is heavy rain. mababasa ang kamay nyo at ang loob ng pintuan nyo.
    so much technology, and they couldn't even design a rain-proof tollgate-abot-the-card system.
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    Any 3M Ceramic IR user for the windshield?

    Di mabasa yung NLEX RFID ko kahit pinalitan na. May butas na yung tint ko sa harap and yet di pa rin mabasa. Kahit naka ilan laki na ako ng butas.

    Im thinking of changing to Ceramic IR. Pa feedback please.


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