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    Oct 2005
    Hi guys...

    I have a mazda 323f 1994 model that needs to be repaired.
    Do you know a very good repairshop here sa cebu?

    Please post it here and their contact number.

    Here are the following car parts that need to be repaired...

    1. high beam light frequently malfunctioning
    2. Engine frequently stops
    3. reverse is a litle bit jerky
    4. fuel guage wont work
    5. temperature
    6. speedometer
    7. Left signal won't work ( left turn signal indicator as well as all left markers / lights )
    8. upholstery
    9. There's an object which I am not familiar with that needs to replaced. It's found beside the windshield, it is a black colored molding near a seal side assembly which protects the driver and the pasenger in front from the rain.
    10. Since my 323 is A/T the lights for the guage and for the shift gear lever is frequently malfunctioning.


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    Oct 2005
    I forgot.... the airconditioning of my Mazda 323f is not cool as it used to be

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    Jun 2005
    asa nindut na aircon repair shop? denso aircon sa isuzu fuego.
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