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    Mar 2008
    Hi mga tol,

    just want to ask....where can we find a "japanese wagon type" na headlight pra sa corolla small body...i have attached the sample po...pls help.

    Hope to get any help......thanks in advance..

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    Jul 2005
    naa unta then I think na baligya na around 14k++ (i think) complete assembly.

    Here's his post:,115936.0.html

    As of now sold na ang wagon headlight assembly, check nalang the thread, basin naa pay update.

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    Jul 2005

    AE92 Wagon headlight assembly.......spare nako
    8k fixed
    -Painted flat black
    -AE92 Levin emblem
    -wlay clips sa grill
    -damage plastic (kakabitan ng signal light)driver side- repair as shown sa pics
    -complete sockets
    -working tanan mga lights

Pls help.....i want a Japanese Wagon Headlights